The Difference Is YOU!

Advanced cylinder manufacturing technology for Rotax 125 MAX and Rotax 125 MAX DD2 engines sets new standards in engine parity

The same cylinder manufacturing technology successfully applied to the Rotax 125 Junior MAX engine during the 2017 racing season also proved positive for the engine parity during the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2017 in the Rotax 125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2 classes.

Since the introduction of the advanced technology for the Rotax Micro MAX, Mini MAX and Junior MAX cylinders, the market has demanded more equality on all Rotax karting engines.

In order to meet customer requirements, this advanced cylinder technology is now used for the entire Rotax MAX engine series.


The Grand Finals were the perfect venue to prove the new setup. More than 50 drivers qualified in each class within a second, making the races closer than ever.

The technical specifications of the cylinders remain unchanged but the digitally printed, single piece sand cores in combination with an additional Computer Numeric Control (CNC) of specific ports brings parity to the next level.

BRP-Rotax is convinced that the introduction of this new manufacturing technology is another important step towards equal opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Limited Time Introductory Offer – 50% off the regular 2018 retail price – please contact your Rotax service center/dealer for details and availability.