Gippsland’s November Club Day

Gippsland Go Kart Club conducted its monthly club day on November 26.

The occasional shower kept the mechanics busy on this final club race day of the year.

The club’s Christmas breakup is at the clubrooms on December 10.

Billy Bishop took the win in a 6-kart Junior Heavy field, here leading Riley Jabke and Benjamin Moss (pic – Steve Dansie)


Cadet 12:
1 Harrison Ludlow
2 Owen Pettigrew
3 Harrison Martin

Cadet 9
1 Ryan Wyhoon
2 Cody Boys


First win for Ryan Wyhoon in Cadet 9 (pic – Steve Dansie)

1 Ben Chapman
2 Christian Viffiano

KA3 Senior Medium
1 Mark Wicks
2 Grant Wicks

TaG 125 Heavy
1 Ryan Aitken
2 Geoff Wyhoon
3 David Bishoff

TaG Heavy winner Ryan Aitken (pic – Steve Dansie)

KA4 Junior Light
1 Bailey Collins

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Billy Bishop
2 Riley Jabke
3 Bodhi Bright

Bodhi Bright, 3rd in Junior Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)

TaG Restricted Light
1 Lachlan Vandermeer
2 Robert Clark
3 Joshua Howard

TaG Restricted Medium
1 Travis Chapman
2 Ashlly Watt


TaG R Medium winner Travis Chapman ahead of Ashlly Watt (pic – Steve Dansie)
Final junior race for Nathan Higginson, moving to KA3 Senior in the New Year (pic – Steve Dansie)
TaG R Light podium (pic – Steve Dansie)
Slicks in the wet, Geoff Wyhoon, 2nd in TaG Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)
Some of the Cadets get mixed up (pic – Steve Dansie)
Ben Chapman (15) and Christian Viggiano battle for the KA3 Light win (pic – Steve Dansie)
Welcome to the sport! First ever kart meeting for Cameron Anderson netted 4th place in Cadet 12 (pic – Steve Dansie)
David Bishoff, TaG Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)
Ka3 seniors (pic – Steve Dansie)
Cadets line up to weigh in (pic – Steve Dansie)
Harrison Martin ahead of Owen Pettigrew, Cadet 12 (pic – Steve Dansie)
Bailey Collins, KA4 Junior Light (pic – Steve Dansie)
Cadets (pic – Steve Dansie)
Grant Wicks, KA3 Senior Medium (pic – Steve Dansie)
Harrison Ludlow on a greasy track (pic – Steve Dansie)
Cody Boys, Cadet 9 (pic – Steve Dansie)
Robert Clark (77) and Joshua Howard (44), TaG R Light (pic – Steve Dansie)
Zane Bright, Junior Heavy (pic – Steve Dansie)
Juniors (pic – Steve Dansie)