KartSport NZ Launch Revamped Coaching Academy

Qualified coaching will be more accessible to all Kiwi karters under a revamped Coaching Academy launched this month by the governing body in NZ, KartSport New Zealand.

Key to the revamp is a move to a certified ‘one-on-one’ coaching model. While some group coaching will still be operated by coaches where demand exists and clubs support such training, the major breakthrough and key benefit of the change is the ability of accredited Academy coaches to undertake one-on-one Explore & Learn and Hot Shots curriculum courses and assess and approve competition licence signings to help fast track licence ratings.

The initial Academy coaching team at a recent training workshop (from left) Gary Wilson, Arie Hutton, Ryan Urban, Joshua Hart, Niki Urwin, Matthew Hamilton, Tiffany Chittenden, Chris Cox, Lance Fisher and Richard Moore (pic – KartSport New Zealand)

Introducing the revamped Academy programme, KartSport New Zealand President Graeme Moore said;

“KartSport continues to enjoy outstanding triumphs both nationally and on the world stage and the ability to supercharge driver success through effective coaching is now seen as a mandatory requirement for top level success.

“KartSport NZ now has the ability to channel the nation’s very best coaching talent towards up-and-coming talent as well as grass roots competitors across the nation with highly skilled ‘one-on-one’ training by accredited coaches.”


An initial team of experienced coaches has been qualified and accredited by KartSport New Zealand with the team to be managed by Academy Director, Richard Moore and Head Coach, Niki Urwin.

“All coaches have had significant coaching experience and most also have proven distinctive competition success both in New Zealand and overseas” Graeme Moore said.

“Following a settling in period, and trialling of new procedures, we envisage adding to this team in order to enhance regional coaching coverage and to meet demand.”

Academy Coach Arie Hutton showing a corner apex line to a group of Junior drivers at a WPKA Goldstar event (pic –
Victoria Jack Photography)