Alternative Governing Body Imminent

An announcement later this week is likely to have significant ramifications for sprint karting in Australia.

Commission Kartsport Australia (CKSA) is set to reveal its plan to be a governing body that will offer kart clubs and kart tracks around the country an alternative to whatever governing body they are currently running under.

CKSA will fall under the umbrella of the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA) to issue event permits, insurance etc. AASA has close to 15 years of experience at offering an alternative to CAMS.

CKSA’s Mark Parsons told KartSportNews the organisation will be a Federated National Body (ie, no state organisations) to which clubs and tracks can become members. It will cater for senior and junior drivers though Australian Sports Commission recognition for junior sport and officials.

Some of CKSA’s plans include a world-recognised, stock cost-effective engine and hard-tyred entry-level category that also caters for National and International competition, specific novice and social (non-racing) classes, the catering of categories that utilise equipment used in Karting Australia competition, plus an annual Easter Nationals event.


“There is dismay in the industry at the moment regarding engines, tyres and the way things are done” Parsons explained.

“We are simply providing a body that is member and club driven to offer classes and events that are viable in each regional area.

“We have to arrest the current issues in the sport. If we don’t, it will die. It’s as simple as that. Clubs and tracks are owned by the members and the community and we all have obligations to see the sport meet its core obligations to which the CKSA gives full control and power over.”

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