Ipswich Dirt Karts, Round 3

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Saturday night was another brilliant evening of dirt kart racing at Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club. 105 drivers battled for heat wins & a feature win in the Daxon Fabrication Championship Round 3.

There were again big fields of 125cc 2-strokes and the juniors had some outstanding battles. A very light sprinkle of rain during a couple of the pre-finals didn’t stop the racing and dry conditions prevailed for the 10-lap features.

Next event is a test-n-tune on July 6th followed by Round 4 of the club championship on July 13th, which will be a double-points round.

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Results (overall points for the night)

1st Fletcher Willis
2nd Brock Jones
3rd Winston Hartness

Junior 1
1st Louie Preece
2nd Gordon Yarrow
3rd James Rankin

Junior 2
1st Rahnee McNae
2nd Brodey Peterson
3rd Xavier Holz

Junior 3
1st Lewis Heggie
2nd Rahnee McNae
3rd Levi Schmidt

1st Asha Mott

Sub Juniors
1st Oliver Harvey
2nd Aiya Mott
3rd Chilli Wright

Junior 100ccJ
1st Louie Preece
2nd Lachlan Ridge
3rd Ryan Ridge

Junior 100ccS
1st Harrison Willis
2nd Lilly Rodgie
3rd Rahnee McNae


Senior Group 1
1st Molly McGuire
2nd Stephan Cochran
3rd Tom Cant

Senior Group 2
1st Maverick Dack
2nd Shanen Wilhelmsen
3rd Ken Dorman

Group 3
1st Ross Jones
2nd Breanna Formosa
3rd Ashley Rasmussen

Group 4
1st Cam Hartness
2nd Chris Heggie
3rd Cassidy Edyvean

Group 5
1st Corey Carroll

4-Stroke Mod
1st Ryan Floyd
2nd Blake Formosa
3rd Michael Floyd

2-Stroke Mod
1st Brad Young
2nd John Wilkinson
3rd Mitchell Rock

1ST Shane Manning
2nd Larissa Manning
3rd Kallan Manning

125cc Group A
1st Jason Gillingham
2nd Cam Williams
3rd Darren Meen

125cc Group B
1st Michael Parr
2nd Dylan Stacey
3rd Brandon Scott