Competitor Representation for NZ

The Board of Kartsport New Zealand has given the green light for the formation of a Competitor Representative Committee to assist the organisation with assessing what incidents should or should not be penalized, driving standards and behaviour issues.

Statement from Kartsport New Zealand, below.

Competitor Representative Committee forming

As part of the development of KartSport New Zealand’s new officiating model, and the introduction of the Incident Log, the sport now has a clear, public record of incidents taking place at major events and how these are then processed. However, it has become apparent through this exercise that there is a disconnect throughout the sport in terms of how incidents should be officiated.

KartSport New Zealand has received a wide range of feedback after each of the five major events utilising the modernized system. Based on this feedback, it is clear there are mixed perceptions of what incidents should or shouldn’t be penalized, with the management team often receiving conflicting arguments on the same topic following events. While KartSport recognizes no decision will ever be universally accepted, it believes there is room for wider improvement.

With this in mind, the KartSport New Zealand Board has approved the formation of a Competitor Representative Committee. This committee has two clear mandates: Firstly, work to further determine how incidents should be assessed, and secondly, broadcast a united acceptance and approach of these determinations to their own networks of competitors.


While KartSport has the ability to apply the direction of how it wishes to take driving standards, it is believed this committee approach will help secure the level of buy-in required to be successful at scale. Initially, this committee will be handpicked by KartSport New Zealand, with a focus on securing those with both a resume of national and international success and experience, plus those with access to their own network of competitors. These traits will help ensure a more consistent roll out of any recommendations. While the group will initially be handpicked, it will later be open to submissions to the Board from interested candidates.

The committee has been formed to focus on three key areas, Driving Standards, Penalties and Behavioral issues. Over time, the committee’s discussions will form recommendations that will be passed onto the KartSport New Zealand Board. The committee will meet via Zoom and in-person meetings ahead of major events, with initial meetings generating discussion and following meetings working on solutions. Incoming committee members must also agree to actively promote any agreed initiatives unanimously and be prepared to accept compromise.

KartSport New Zealand is now in the process of reaching out to desired committee members and will offer further public releases once the founding team has been secured.

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