Six Aussies in Slovakia

Lewis Francis is the highest qualifier of the six Australians contesting the third round of the European OK and OK-Junior Championship (plus Academy Trophy round 2) at the Slovakia Karting Centre this weekend.

Francis clocked the 12th fastest time in the OK class and is in Group F for the qualifying heats.

It’s a big entry with 69 drivers on track in OK, 85 in Junior and 47 in the one-make FIA Karting Academy Trophy class.

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The Australians

  • Lewis Francis – OK (KR/IAME)
    Q: 12.
  • Dante Vinci – OK (KR/IAME)
    Q: 46.
  • Xavier Avramides – OK (OTK/Vortex)
    Q: 54.
  • William Calleja – Junior (Parolin/TM)
    Q: 27.
  • James Anagnostiadis – Junior (KR/IAME)
    Q: 45.
  • Ky Burke – Academy Trophy (Exprit/Vortex)
    Q: 32.

Schedule (local Euro time)

Saturday 22nd June
08:00 – 09:39: Warm-up
09:50 – 18:40: Qualifying Heats

Sunday 23rd June
08:30 – 09.55: Warm-up
10:05 – 10:40: Qualifying Heats – Academy
10:45 – 12:20: Super Heats – Junior & OK
13:55 – 16:35: Finals

official FIA Karting preview


The third competition of the FIA Karting European Championship – OK & Junior and the second competition of the FIA Karting Academy Trophy will take place from 20th to 23rd June 2024 in Slovakia at the Slovakia Karting Center.

The Slovakian competition will see another increase in participation with a total of 252 entries, including 15 wild cards, from 62 nations across five continents, divided between 95 OK, 106 OK-Junior and 51 Academy drivers.

The Slovakia Ring makes its first appearance among FIA Karting competition this year, as did the Steel Ring in Třinec (CZE) and the Rødby Karting Ring (DNK) in 2023. The Slovakian track shares a relatively short length with its two predecessors, in this case 1172 m, and a large number of tight corners resulting in a moderate average speed. These characteristics are reminiscent of the original circuits where karting’s reputation was built, while the karts will compete in an anti-clockwise direction. Teams and drivers have only used the circuit in 2024 and will be competing in the FIA Karting competition with a limited amount of data.


Located in the far west of the country, in Orechová Potôň, the Slovakia Karting Center is close to the capital Bratislava, as well as the Austrian border. It also includes an FIA-approved car circuit opened in 2009 that can also accommodate motorbikes and trucks, as well as a centre dedicated to safe driving. 

Maxxis is the exclusive tyre supplier for the Slovakia Karting Center in all three categories. 


Belgian Dries Van Langendonck still leads the provisional standings of the 2024 FIA Karting European Championship – Junior, but his position may not be as comfortable as it seems. Spaniard Christian Costoya seems to be in top form ahead of Italy’s Iacopo Martinese, who did well during the French competition. England’s Roman Kamyab and Sebastian Minns are both aiming for the top five, but Niklas Schaufler (AUT) cannot be overlooked and his potential is still considerable. A number of drivers went into a slump at Val d’Argenton, but Rocco Coronel (NLD) was very convincing in the Final.

Provisional standings for the FIA Karting European Championship – Junior before event 3

1- Dries van Langendonck (BEL) – 162 points
2- Christian Costoya (ESP) – 142 points
3- Iacopo Martinese (ITA) – 120 points
4- Roman Kamyab (GBR) – 110 points
5- Sebastian Minns (GBR) – 84 points


The Slovakian round of the FIA Karting European Championship – OK could well see a new twist in the duel between Britain’s Joe Turney and Italian-licensed Brazilian Gabriel Gomez. Thibaut Ramaekers (BEL) seems to be getting the measure of the category and could take on Matheus Morgatto (BRA) or Lewis Wherrell (GBR) under the watchful eye of Louis Iglesias (FRA). The competition promises to be very open at this new venue, with a group of drivers who undoubtedly have what it takes to score significant points.

Provisional standings for the FIA Karting European Championship – OK before event 3

1- Joe Turney (GBR) – 173 points
2- Gabriel Gomez (ITA) – 160 points
3- Lewis Wherrell (GBR) – 130 points
4- Matheus Morgatto (BRA) – 119 points
5- Louis Iglesias (FRA) – 94 points


Two drivers stood out during the first competition of the FIA Karting Academy Trophy: Jakub Gasparovic (SVK) and Dan Allemann (CHE), who lead the provisional standings. However, establishing an accurate ranking ahead of the Slovakian event is no easy task. The true potential of Nikolaos Karagiannis (GRC), Lilian Soares (FRA), Sacha van’t Pad Bosch (NLD) and Erik Poulsen (SWE) remains to be seen after their bad luck in the French Final.

As a partner of the official supplier of the FIA Karting Academy Trophy, OTK Kart Group, the Italian structure Formula Medicine will this time be focusing on physical preparation for the young Academy drivers.

Provisional standings for the 2024 FIA Karting Academy Trophy before event 2

1- Jakub Gasparovic (SVK) – 55 points
2- Dan Allemann (CHE) – 55 points
3- Wian Boshoff (ZAF) – 46 points
4- Andrea Marsella (ITA) – 38 points
5- Aleix Pinera Rusinol (ESP) – 36 points