Changes at KNSW

Long term karting administrator Karen Newton is retiring from the sport. Her position as State Secretary with Karting NSW will be taken by John Martin, another individual with a long history in karting.

“The definition of a bittersweet experience is something which has happy aspects and some sad ones” the organisation posted on social media.

“Today’s announcement is definitely bittersweet.

“Our wonderful State Secretary Karen Newton is retiring after 20 years of steadfast and loyal service to the organisation. Karen has decided that it is time for her to spend more time with her growing family, bushwalking and volunteering for her much loved community organisations such as Riding for the Disabled. For all of you who have had the absolute pleasure of crossing paths with Karen you’ll agree that her always cheery disposition, calm nature and her ability to work with a vast range of stakeholders with grace and professionalism at all times has earnt her the respect that we hold so dear. Karen will be special guest at a dinner next week to celebrate her amazing tenure. We’ve known for a while that Karen was retiring and that we were faced with the almost impossible task of replacing her. So now the happy part.


“We would like to welcome John Martin as our new State Secretary. John has decades of experience in the sport, holding a range of positions throughout that we know will benefit Karting NSW. John has been a competitor, held the office of Club President, Treasurer & Secretary as well as many other administration roles in the sport. He also has officiated at race meetings on a regular basis so has experienced the sport at every level! On top of that he’s an all round wonderful chap. Many of you will know John and know that a chat with John always delivers laughs and fun!

“We have no doubt that Karen will be missed. But we are fortunate and thrilled to have someone with John’s experience join our team and we are confident that John will be able to pick up where Karen left to ensure that our clubs and karters can continue to enjoy this amazing community sport with the best service possible service. Karen’s last day is Friday so if you’d like to pass on your best wishes please do so.”