Would You Enter The World Championship?

If you were to enter a karting world championship, it would make sense to go with one of the big teams. It’s there you tap into years of experience, technical expertise, the latest parts, access to data and so on.

But this year there’s at least one guy who’s doing it solo.

The UK’s Glenn Guest has lodged an entry in the OK class for the 2024 Karting World Championship at PF International circuit. He’s doing it as an independent, ‘dad and lad’ private entry to have some fun at the top level of the sport.

“I want to show that you don’t have to be anything special to do this” Guest said.


“These things shouldn’t be daunting to do. We should be able to enter the world champs and feel like we can do it. If you want to do something in karting, just prepare yourself and go and do it. Don’t let these teams put you off – get out there and go.”

Learn more in his “Why I’ve entered FIA Karting World Championship” video below.