Little Lakes at Lakeside Auskarts

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Tricky Brisbane weather brought an early end to Round 2 of Auskarts’ race day at Lakeside. It was still fun and if only it hadn’t been torrential rain, the racing was shaping up to be really promising.

The meeting’s trophies & medals will be awarded next time the competitors come together.

Umbrellas everywhere (all pics – Kevin Davies)

For the races (and some abortive starts!) that did take place:

  • full results for the completed races on Speedhive HERE
  • videos on The Noise YouTube HERE
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  • more photos on Kev’s Facebook HERE
When the rain comes down, the inlet snorkels go on!

1st – M Padilha
2nd – B Meagher
3rd – A Lusty

Junior Light:
1st – E White
2nd – A Hughes
3rd – C Lusty

1st – N White
2nd – J White
3rd – L Daniels

Senior Light:
1st – B George
2nd – E James
3rd – M McNeil


Senior Heavy:
1st – M Walker
2nd – D Grimwade
3rd – C VanDerReyden

Senior Medium:
1st – M Clout
2nd – R Padilha
3rd – J Hay

Senior Max:
1st – M Peters
2nd – T Lusty
3rd – D Irwin

1st – S George
2nd – W Herrick

Performance Single Medium:
1st – B George
2nd – J Edwards
3rd – W Dowd

Performance Single Heavy:
1st – W Colman
2nd – G Edwards
3rd – B Blackman

Well Done All!!