Pip Poles & P2 in Italy

Melbourne’s Pip Casabene was the top placed Australian at the opening event of the Champions Of The Future Academy meeting at Cremona, Italy, overnight.

With all drivers on the same spec equipment, Casabene qualified fastest in the OK-N Senior class before taking a couple of fifths in the heats. He then moved up the field to take second in the Final behind Spain’s Luna Fluxa-Cross.

Pip Casabene with mechanic Adam Lindstrom and the runner-up trophy (pic – ProKarting/FB)

After starting off the front row, James Anagnostiadis placed fourth in Junior.


Another full round of qualifying, heats and a final will be raced tonight (Sunday). Follow the racing via the links below.

Above: Saturday’s track action (EDIT – for some reason this stream has now been switched to private. Perhaps there are investigations over the Mini final where the red and chequered flags came out almost simultaneously???)
  • Results are HERE
  • Live steam on YouTube HERE

Aussie Wrap (Saturday)

Mini (28 starters, all on Parolin/TM)

  • Oskar Hennock – Q:14. Heats: 24, 20. Final: DSQ
  • Koda Singh – Q: 18. Heats: 26, 28. Final: DSQ
  • Oscar Singh – Q: 28. Heats: 20, 18. Final: 19th

OK-N Junior (31 starters, all on Kart Republic/IAME)

  • James Anagnostiadis – Q: 5. Heats: 4, 2. Ranking: 2. Final: 4th

OK-N Senior (28 starters, all on Kart Republic/IAME)

  • Pip Casabene – Q: 1. Heats: 5, 5. Ranking: 5. Final: 2nd.
  • Loclan Hennock – Q: 15. Heats: 11, 13. Ranking: 12. Final: 19th.
  • Isaac Demellweek – Q: 21. Heats: 23, 16. Ranking: 16. Final: 23rd.
  • Romeo Nasr – Q: 22. Heats: 16, 25. Ranking: 21. Final: 12th.
  • Charlotte Page – Q: 28. Heats: 18, 19. Ranking: 16. Final: 17th.