Interview: Tony Fiveash

by Queensland Superkart Club

Queensland Superkart Club (QSC): How did you get started in Superkarting?

Tony Fiveash: It’s no coincidence that being a friend of Andrew Cain will perhaps land you in a bit off strife, sorry Andrew. I went and hand a run in Andrew’s sprint kart and blew it up. So no more borrowing a kart for a drive, jump forward to my first season I destroyed one and had difficulty coming to terms with my replacement, but think I have finally got that one sorted after half a season of learning. Lots to learn, my problem was OBD. (Operator Brain Deficiency) :p

QSC: What are you goals for 2024?

TF: I would love to be a bit more competitive and spend more time going forward rather than backwards. The new for 2024 250 National will be fun so I am looking forward to a lot more speed and being able to compete and race with other karts.

QSC: Dream track to drive on?

TF: I haven’t been to many tracks but liked Lakeside track although it had some shortfalls and I didn’t want it to beat me bahaaa. Travel could be on the cards this ’24 season as I would like to support our brothers down south, and The Bend in South Australia is a must do.


QSC: Favourite part of Superkarting?

TF: I’m not a crazy racing driver – I just like meeting new people with a common interest. The QSC have a diverse bunch of characters and the racing is safe (no sheep stations on the outcome). To note the only one that bumped me last year was Andrew! He didn’t want me passing him around the outside into turn 1 after a rocket start from me.

QSC: Dream Car?

TF: Owe an Audi convertible turbo 6 speed manual, would love an old school E-Type Jaguar.

QSC: Racing Background?

TF: I’ve raced Speedway bikes and sidecars and won a championship back in the day. Powerboat racing not for the faint hearted! Blown small-block open class Chevy, 960hp at 125mph back in the 90s. Only thing that ever turned your vision into tunnel vision it was so fast. Also ran a 620hp 6-litre carburetted Chev with nitrous injection – 100 mph but on the nitrous it’d hit 125mph.

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