Schweikert Triumphs on Southwest Debut

Aiden Schweikert showcased remarkable skill and determination in his debut at the Southwest Kart Club in Cobden for the first round of the DPE Victorian Country Series in the KA3 Junior Light category.

Despite it being his first encounter with the track layout, Aiden fearlessly took on some of Victoria’s top karting talents. In practice, he demonstrated his prowess, securing the 7th position. However, his true potential shone during qualifying, where he impressively claimed the 3rd spot.

The intense competition continued in the 8-lap Heat 1, held under soaring temperatures. Aiden skillfully maneuvered through the race, progressing from 3rd to 2nd by lap 6, setting the stage for his remarkable performance.

The following day’s foggy conditions didn’t deter Aiden in Heat 2. Chasing down seasoned racer Jai George, Aiden executed a strategic move on lap 5, seizing the lead and holding off challenges for the remaining laps to secure a well-deserved victory.

Under pressure in the final

Heat 3 witnessed Aiden’s mastery as he confidently took the lead from the start, finishing almost three seconds ahead of the competition. The stage was set for the final, a grueling 12-lap race in scorching 34-degree heat.


Undeterred by the challenging conditions, Aiden started in first and demonstrated unwavering focus, maintaining his lead throughout the race. Despite intense pressure from Hudson Hughes, Aiden showcased remarkable resilience, securing the first-round victory and establishing himself as a rising star in the KA3 Junior Light category.

Aiden Schweikert’s stellar performance in unfamiliar territory underscores his talent and determination, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead in the DPE Victorian Country Series.

Track walk with Team Shabl

pics – BPM & Darrens Sportography 


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