Karting Australia Message

As the 2024 karting season ramps up, Karting Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Lee Hanatschek, has sent members a reminder about some of the key regulation changes in the KA rule book – see below.

As the karting events begin to fire into action for 2024, it’s an opportunity to make sure that you are familiar with some of the updates to the rules and various other aspects of competition for the year ahead.

Last month it was announced that nominations are open for the Karting Australia Honours and Awards.  This includes the highly esteemed Life Membership, Lifetime Achievement, Impact on Karting and Service Awards.  For more information and nomination links please click here.

If you haven’t taken the time to review the National Competition Rules for 2024, it is important that you do so prior to competing for the first time.  As advised in December, a summary of many of the changes can be found here (link: https://www.karting.net.au/rules-published-for-2024-australian-karting-season). 

The full version of the manual can be downloaded through the Karting Australia website here (link: https://www.karting.net.au/administration/rules) or it is also available on KOMP under the Documents section.  *Please note that there were some minor adjustments and references updated on January 13.

Detailed below are just a few items from the 2024 rules that you may or may not already be aware of:

Licence Ages
The Minimum Age for all Competition Licences are now based on the actual Date of a Driver’s Birthday rather than the Year of Birth.  Refer to the Licence criteria (Pages 173-177) 

Temporary Structures
There are new requirements regarding the positioning and securing of temporary structures at events.  Any structure larger than a 6mX3m requires WH&S documentation if requested by the Event Organiser, all structures are required to adhere to the General Requirements listed on page 61 of the Manual.
There are further regulations in all pro-forma Supplementary Regulations. 


Concussion and Injury Reporting
A person who has suffered a Significant Injury (as defined on page 69) at a Circuit or elsewhere will be declared UNFIT until they have received a Clearance Certificate and provided it to their State Association.
Your attention is drawn to the new Concussion Management Guidelines that have been approved and implemented. https://www.karting.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/P35-KA-Concussion-Management-Guidelines.pdf

Internal engine damage
Any external accidental engine damage is not considered a modification if it is judged by the Chief Scrutineer to not offer a performance gain.  For the sake of clarity, this means that an engine that has accidental damage internally is not permitted.

Driving Suits for Australian Kart Championship
A Driver competing in a National Championship or Series Meeting must wear a CIK-FIA homologated driving suit during Practice and Competition at the Meeting (Page 234).  Implementation date of 1 January 2024 was advised in the 2023 Manual. 

Karts On Trolley
In addition to the requirement not to move a kart trolley while the engine of the kart is running, anyone sitting in a kart while it is on a trolley is now prohibited. These are both safety issues.

Unless otherwise specific by KA, or as may be specified in the homologation document of an engine, the only oils permitted are those specified in the current CIK-FIA list of homologated lubricants.  Implementation date of 1 January 2024 was advised in the 2023 Manual. 

Chain Guard
On Karts other than those in gearbox and 4SS Classes, the chain guard must provide an effective protection over the top and on both sides of the exposed chain and sprockets and extend below the rear axle.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to be familiar with the rules and relevant homologation papers for engines.  Please ensure that you take the time to review the relevant sections of the Manual.  If you use a third party to maintain your engine, ensure that they reviewed all the relevant documents to ensure your engine complies.