Oz Podium at Asia Max Challenge

Queenslander Scott Howard has carded another podium overseas, placing second in the DD2 class at the Rotax MAX Challenge Asia Festival in a hot and humid Kuala Lumpur on the weekend.

Fellow Queenslander and Stratos RL team mate Scott Cleveland was sixth in the same category.

Scott Howard, 2nd in DD2 (pic – RMCAF/FB)

Meanwhile, the Pocket Rocket Brothers, Oscar and Koda Singh (both on KR), placed 6th and 9th respectively in the Mini MAX final. It was a tight schedule for the Singhs to get to the event on time, forced to withdraw from the final race at Oakleigh’s Junior Top Guns to ensure they got to the airport in Melbourne on time!

Pocket Rockets ready for a practice session at Sepang (PRB/FB)


Sepang International Karting Circuit

#501 Fernando Guzzi // DRM Racing Team
#539 Scott Howard // Stratos RL
#578 Roger Young // Stratos RL
#524 Luke Armstrong // Stratos RL
#510 Nik Iruwan Nik Izani // DRM Racing Team

MAX Master
#401 Manabu Yamazaki
#431 Kato Masanori
#456 Asbjoern Rolfing // DP Motorsport
#477 Chun Yu Yeh // DRM Racing Team
#428 Xu Qing // PR1 Racing


Senior MAX
#368 Prassetyo Hardja // DRM Racing Team
#308 Yu Ka Po // PR1 Racing
#316 Lewis Gilbert
#304 Luca Schlegl // Kraft Motorsport
#301 Ryo Sakai // EMATY

Junior MAX
#258 Shun Sekiguchi // EMATY
#213 Katrina Ee Wing Thung // DRM Racing Team
#227 Krittach Jirayupa
#261 Taiga Tokuoka // 30 Racing
#202 Panu Stienmonkong // GT Motorsport

Mini MAX
#168 John Han // DRM Racing Team
#164 Poomsit Klombunjong // Singha Motorsport Team Thailand
#109 Peerapongpan Sutumno // Singha Motorsport Team Thailand
#181 Mariano Axel Y.Nocom // DRM Racing Team
#166 Yu Xuan Song // Stratos RL

Micro MAX
#65 Patthapol Kaewkanjanasat
#99 Eito Hosokawa // EIKO Japan
#29 Mason Alexander Kwong // DRM Racing Team
#7 Rehan Khan R // Stratos RL
#92 Maximilian Schilling // AutoInc Racing

Congratulations to all the winners who received the RMC Grand Finals ticket to Sarno, Italy!