Lawson Targets Kart GP

Kiwi F1 driver Liam Lawson has been testing karts in anticipation of racing in the New Zealand Karting Grand Prix.

The Red Bull backed driver cut laps in a KZ2 kart at Tokoroa recently to prepare himself for the event at Porter Park Raceway on February 9 to 11.

While he wants to do the race and is testing for it, it all depends on whether he’ll be in New Zealand at the time.

“Every time I come to New Zealand, I race a go kart” he said in his latest video-blog (see below). “(But) I need to test, otherwise I’ll be slow. “


Lawson said he’d not been in a kart for about a year.

“Every time I get back in one of these things, I die. They are so fr*ggin’ hard to drive. I just wanted to do loads of laps. You can do all the training in the world… I did ten laps and I was wasted.”

Watch the video, below.