2024 KA Rule Book

Karting Australia has published its National Competition Rules for 2024.

The full 2024 Karting Manual (now blown out to 382 pages, PDF format), plus a Changes Summary document (4 pages), can be downloaded from the KA website HERE.

“These changes aim to enhance the integrity, safety, and fairness of karting competitions across the country” KA posted with its announcement.

All new and adjusted rules will take effect from 1 January 2024 and apply to next year’s competitions.

The cover of the 2024 KA rule book

A summary of the rule changes from the KA press release


  • The Guiding Principles have been updated to align with the current Strategic Plan.
  • A new position, the National Judicial Commissioner, has been introduced to streamline judicial matters coming out of National level events.


Club Safety Officer

  • Clarification on the procedure on Clubs appointing a Club Safety Officer responsible for Circuit safety and when mandatory training is to be completed.

Smoking and Welding

  • Restrictions on smoking and the use of open flames or welding equipment have been clarified.

Temporary Facilities/Structures

  • New requirements for the positioning and securing of temporary structures at events.

Medical Services/Requirements

  • Emphasis on risk reduction through enhanced medial response requirements and the use of template driven medical response plans at events.

Concussion and Injury Reporting

  • Updated concussion assessment protocols and a new Return To Karting procedure after injury.

Judicial System Overview

  • Changes to General Rules and Chapters 7 to 14 outline the KA Judicial system, focusing on race officials, offences, penalties, tribunals, and appeals.

Duties of Judges

  • Minor updates to the summary of Judge of Fact duties.

Offences and Penalties


  • Significant updates to offences, aligning with the new penalties structure that recognises the need for penalties that are proportional to the offence committed.

Minimum Recommended Penalties

  • A completely overhauled scale of penalties and processes for general offences.


  • The National Judicial Commissioner may handle penalties beyond the authority of Stewards, reducing administrative workload.


Competition Numbers

  • Clarifications regarding kart numbers and permitted backgrounds.

Chequered Flags

  • The red and white chequered flag has been removed, while guidelines for the black and white chequered flag have been introduced.

Minimum Ages

  • The minimum age for categories has been changed from the year of a Birthday to the Date of Birthday.


Replacement Tyres

  • The requirements surrounding when a replacement tyre can be used has been updated.

Engine Damage

  • Clarification for accidental damage to an engine, internal accidental damage is not permitted.


LeCont SVB and SVC Tyres

  • Name changes for LeCont SVB and SVC tyres in high-performance classes to reflect the new names as homologated, with no changes to compounds or construction of the tyres.

4SS Cadet

  • Drivers will be permitted to use Maxxis 190D and MW21 tyres – the same tyres used in other Cadet classes.

4SS Junior and Senior

  • Data logging and/or Electronic Dash is permitted for 4SS Junior and Senior Divisions.

Karting Australia’s commitment to continuous improvement and safety is evident in these rule adjustments, which will come into effect on January 1, 2024, shaping the landscape of karting competitions in the coming year.