2024 IAME World Final

The incredible story of the IAME WARRIOR FINAL is ready to open a new and glorious chapter with the highly anticipated IWF24 event.

The epicenter of world karting will be the enchanting city of Valencia, Spain. November 4-9, the circuit will host the X30 MINI, X30 JUNIOR, X30 SENIOR, and X30 MASTER categories, promising breathtaking emotions and high-level challenges.

The choice of Valencia as the venue for IWF24 is not random. The city is a gem of Spain, famous for its rich history, exceptional architecture, and vibrant lifestyle. Participants and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, exploring iconic places such as the Valencia Cathedral, the City of Arts and Sciences, and enjoying delicious local cuisine.

The International Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero is the perfect stage to celebrate international karting. With a technical and challenging track, the circuit provides stimulating challenges for drivers in all categories. The facility is equipped with the latest technologies and offers world-class services, ensuring competition that meets expectations.

IWF24 will feature four race categories, each representing the pinnacle of karting competitions in their respective age groups.

X30 MINI: Young karting talents will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in a category that fuels the future of motorsports.


X30 JUNIOR: A category that challenges young aspiring drivers, providing a launching pad for their careers in the racing world.

X30 SENIOR: The flagship category, where experienced and talented drivers will test their skills in high-level competition.

X30 MASTER: Reserved for more mature and experienced drivers, this category offers a platform to demonstrate that age is not an obstacle to passion and competitiveness.

IWF24 will be more than just a karting event but a celebration of the passion, competition, and skill of drivers from around the world. Get ready for five days of overwhelming excitement as Valencia becomes the focal point of world karting, giving rise to one of the most memorable editions of this incredible competition.


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