AKC Regs for 2024

Karting Australia has published the Sporting Regulations for the 2024 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship.

The Regulations confirm the dates, venues and Classes for the 2024 Championship along with various other articles surrounding the Events.  While some of the key changes are outlined below, all parties interested in competing in the Championship should familiarise themselves with the Regulations.

  • to download the 2024 AKC Sporting Regs, click HERE.

Unless otherwise approved by KA, Drivers are required to have competed in a minimum of ten Karting Australia (or equivalent FIA affiliated organisation such as Kartsport NZ) Sanctioned Events prior to competing in a Championship Event.

Practice at each round of the Championship will be expanded to provide 40% more track time per class in 2024.  To accommodate for the increased track time practice will begin at 1:00pm Thursday.

An overview of the expected round schedule outlining the on-track sessions for each class follows:

Thursday – 1:00pm

  • 2 X 7-minute practice sessions

Friday – 8:00am

  • 1 X 20-minute practice session
  • 1 X 6-minute practice session
  • 1 X Qualifying Session

Saturday – 8:00am

  • 3 X Heat Races

Sunday – 8:00am


  • 1 X Heat Race
  • 1 X Final

The Emerald event will be contested in an afternoon/evening format concluding under lights on Saturday night rather than the traditional Sunday finish.

Following feedback from the competitor base and karting industry, the regulations surrounding practice and competition at Host Circuits outside of Australian Kart Championship Events have been heavily reviewed and updated for 2024.  One of the effects is removing the expensive shakedown events that Competitors felt compelled to compete in as preparation for the AKC Event.

A Driver may only compete at a Host Circuit that is not affiliated with the same State Association in which their Licence is issued, (or the nominated Home Club in the case of Victorian Licence holders) other than at a Round of the Championship outside of the dates listed below:

  • Southern Go-Kart Club – December 23 – March 1
  • Eastern Lions Kart Club – February 17 – April 26
  • Emerald Karting Club – March 30 – June 7
  • Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club – May 18 – July 26
  • Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club – June 29 – September 6

In a change for 2024, Interstate Competitors will however be able to participate in a social karting activity and practice at a Host Circuit after the dates mentioned above for each Event.

For Drivers who hold a Licence issued by the same State Association, or nominated/Home Club as is the case of Victorian Licence Holders, in which the Host Circuit is affiliated with, the Track shall be closed to them and their equipment prior to the subsequent round as follows:

  • Southern Go-Kart Club – February 5
  • Eastern Lions Kart Club – April 1
  • Emerald Karting Club – May 13
  • Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club – July 1
  • Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club – August 12

Victorian Drivers who do not have either the Eastern Lions Kart Club or the Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club as their Home Club in KOMP will be required to nominate their Home Club for the purposes of AKC by clicking here (link: https://kartingaustralia.wufoo.com/forms/q16hssgj0h13d4l/).

The Emerald round will be contested in a Clockwise direction and the Long Circuit will be used for the Oakleigh event.

Pre-registration for the Championship will open on Friday December 7, 2023 with entries to the opening round and an opportunity to enter the full championship on a date to be advised in January.

The Australian Kart Championship Sporting Regulations can be downloaded HERE.