Tyre Change Tyros!

by Russell Innes, IKC

As part of the festivities around the Rotax National Cup and Queensland State Cup at Ipswich Kart Club this week, a sensational Tyre Change Comp was held Friday night with a high calibre of entrants putting on a very entertaining show for the large crowd in attendance.

The initial field of 18 entries were whittled down via 6 Heat winners with Tyler Greenbury, Dale Verrall, Cian Fothergill, William Yarwood, Brodie Nunn and Jon Targett the heat winners.

Greenbury, Verrall and Nunn then contested the 1st Semi Final and in what was a very close contest, Greenbury took the win and would move on to the Final.

Jon Targett, Cian Fothergill and William Yarwood then contested the 2nd Semi Final and Jon Targett showed all his skills and experience for a dominant win.


Targett and Greenbury go head to head

Greenbury and Targett then had a very short recovery to prepare for the 2 man Final and in what was a scintillating display by both and an extremely tight contest, Greenbury managed to very narrowly defeat Targett.

Greenbury got the job done (full set fitted, then removed) in just over 41 seconds!

The live video of the tyre change comp can be viewed below:

Festivities continued with a large fireworks display at 7.00pm Saturday after the completion of the 3rd Round of Heats for the Rotax National Cup.