Changes At Oakleigh

After significant track modifications and now securing the final round of next year’s AKC, the Oakleigh Kart Racing Club in south-east Melbourne continues to log change.

The club’s AGM was held during the week, the result of which is below.

“Thank you to the 2022-23 committee who did a fantastic job running our club” the club posted on social media.


“Special mention to Adam Bourke for returning as President for the year and doing an amazing job and to Sam Sera who has contributed so much to the club in her many years on the committee.”

  • President – Sharron Cutting
  • Vice President – Stuart Hall
  • Secretary – Paul Gibson
  • Treasurer – David Chudasko
  • Licence & Membership Secretary – Rebecca Wade
  • Race Secretary – Sharron Cutting
  • KV Delegates – Thomas French & Rafe Todd
  • Social Media & Website – Rafe Todd
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising – Thomas French
  • Track & Grounds – Peter Phillips
  • General Committee – David Patching, Nick Flodstrom, Kristian Ristell & Stephen Gough

Further, works continue around the grounds, including fresh sealing on the various pathways.