Big Mover at Champs of Future

Australian junior Lewis Francis was the big mover at the final Champions Of The Future round at Franciacorta, Italy, on the weekend, moving up an incredible 72 positions across the event.

This impressive feat was only possible due to disqualification from qualifying which put him to the back (127th!) of the massively over-subscribed OK-J class.

Lewis Francis (pic – LFR/FB)

“We were sadly disqualified from qualifying due to a technicality in the procedure in parc ferme that was neither my fault or a technical fault with the kart” Lewis explained on Facebook.

He moved forward through the heat races, scoring enough points to scrape into a Super Heat, where he came an impressive 13th, but it was not quite enough to make the Final.


“I didn鈥檛 give up and I fought as hard as I could until the chequered flag in each race and was able to make up 72 positions overall, which is a result we can be very proud of.”

Racing for the same KR Motorsport team, Xavier Avramides contested the OK category. He too had a strong Super Heat (7th), but didn’t transfer to the Final.

Aussie Wrap

  • Lewis Francis – OK Junior (KR Motorsport, KR/IAME)
    Q: 127 (DSQ). Ranking after heats: 68. Super Heat: 13th. Ranking: 55. Final: DNQ.
  • Xavier Avramides – OK (KR Motorsport, KR/IAME)
    Q: 38. Ranking after heats: 56. Super Heat: 7th. Ranking: 51. Final: DNQ.

Shamick Europe had three drivers in OK-J (Andy Consani, Tiziano Monza and Efim Derunov) and a sole entrant in OK (Guillaume Bouzar). Consani and Bouzar got themselves into their respective finals, but both DNFd.

  • full results are HERE

Video of the Finals