Energy Victory in Melbourne

Energy Corse Australia made the trip from the Sunshine State down the border to the City of Melbourne Kart Titles at the Go Kart Club of Victoria. The Queensland based outfit took a team of 9 drivers across 3 junior classes to the biggest Karting Australia event of 2023.

While taking on the prestigious titles, Cian Fothergill was continuing his teams Australian Kart Championship preparation for the championship decider!

Ky Burke off pole for the final of KA2 (pic – supplied)

KA2 Junior, the premier junior class in Australian karting had a double Energy Corse Australia attack in former national champion Ky Burke and multiple time state champion Toby Dvorak! Burke set an almighty pace in qualifying to land himself on the front row in 2nd spot, with Dvorak just outside the top 10 in position 13 with some work to do. Burke continued his hot charge in Victoria by grabbing victory in heat 1 and heat 3, while Dvorak moved his way into position 6 in 2 of the heats giving both drivers a strong chance in the final.

Burke continued his fruitful 2023 by taking out the final and the prestigious City of Melbourne Titles! Dvorak put in his best drive for the weekend coming home inside the top 5 to make it 2 Energy Corse Australia drivers inside the top 5!

Cadet 12 is always a big field of Energy Corse Australia drivers, and the City of Melbourne Titles was no exception with SP Tools Australian Kart Championship leader Lana Flack, Caylen Burke, Luca Wasley, Jack Larsen and Joel Blackman all taking the starter. With a massive field of 65 drivers to take the start, qualifying was always going to be a difficult session with Flack leading the charge just outside the top 10 in position 11. Wasley was next of the rest in position 18 while Burke, Blackman and Larsen all had work to do landing in position 35, 43 and 64 respectively. Flack and Burke led the way in the heats with Flack coming home with 2 top 5 finishes in 2nd and 4th, while Burke charged through the field for 2 top 5 finishes of his own in 5th and 3rd respectively. Both Larsen and Blackman were able to make their way into the top 15 across the heats but 2 DNF results for Luca Wasley meant he unfortunately missed the championship decider.


(pic – supplied)

In a fast and intense final, Flack was able to come home in a competitive 5th position, showing she has the pace to mix it up the front of the final round of the Australian Kart Championship! Burke, Larsen and Blackman were all able to make the final and coming home in position 12, 21 and 28 respectively in a tough field of drivers.

KA3 Junior Light had Ky Burke back on circuit alongside Annabel Kennedy to represent the Energy Corse Australia brand. In another competitive field of drivers, Burke and Kennedy were both able to land inside the top 15 in position 14 for Burke and 15 for Kennedy. Both drivers had mixed heat races with Burke moving into 11th in heat 1, 10th in heat 2, before an unfortunate DNF in heat 3. Kennedy dropped back to position 26 in heat 1 after a poor heat but worked forward to position 19 in heat 2 and 17 in heat 3. The final was a hard luck story for Burke not being able to start the race while Kennedy raced hard and came home in a very competitive position 20 overall.

Cian Fothergill spoke post weekend on what was an intense weekend in Melbourne! “It was great to be back at the Go Kart Club of Victoria. The track always brings great racing! The team worked really hard across the 3 categories in driving the track right.

“Once the racing started, we kept slowly moving forward and improving our pace. Ky taking the win in KA2 is a massive leap forward. We’re looking forward to being back in the hot seat for the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship decider! Cheers to the club for doing such a great job catering the massive nominations”.

Energy Corse Australia will have a 3 week break before heading back down to Victoria for the final round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship.