City-County Series Reaches Warwick

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

The City to Country Series is done for round 4 with another huge turn out at Warwick Kart Club, 145 racers attending a frosty Sandy Creek Raceway. Both two and four-stroke classes were well represented and we saw some fantastic racing!

Evan Broughton reigned supreme in TaG Restricted Masters, Dale Zimmerman returned to take the win in TaG Restricted Light, whilst the Mediums saw local racer Nick Hobbs take victory.

In the 4SS classes, Elliot Thompson got the win in Senior Medium, Senior Light saw Darcy Briggs just beat brother Jordan to the win and Harrison Arendt got the chocolates in Senior Heavy. The battles in the Supermaxx classes were great and the Heavy class saw Jason Ramsey take victory whilst the Medium class was won by Zachary Walvin. Caine Caldwell got victory in 4SS Cadets & Lochlan Shearsmith did the same in 4SS Juniors.

Frosty morning!

The day ran faultlessly and 4SS class winners were all presented with prizes courtesy of SP Tools & DPE Kart Superstore.

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Wynnum haulage motorsport team once again attend in numbers

Results (overall points) and videos of the finals

4SS Cadet
1 Caine Caldwell
2 Maxwell Padilha
3 Jensen Clout

Cadet 9
1 Ayrton Hobday
2 Luca Raso
3 Tyler Hoare

KA3 Junior Heavy
1 Cooper Friend
2 Angus Kues-Sales
3 Hugo Kues-Sales

KA3 Junior Light
1 Patrick Buckley
2 Trent Newton
3 Loclan Hennock

4SS Supermaxx Heavy
1 Jason Ramsay
2 Thomas Ludbey
3 Anthony Tucker

4SS Supermaxx Medium
1 Zachary Walvin
2 Scott Pearce
3 Cooper Walvin


4SS Senior Light
1 Darcy Briggs
2 Jordan Briggs
3 Kalan Mullins

4SS Senior Heavy
1 Harrison Arendt
2 Jason Coughran
3 Edward Arendt

4SS Senior Medium
1 Elliott Thompson
2 Brynn Stewart
3 Xander Jacobi

TaG 125 Restricted Heavy
1 Bruce Spence
2 Paul Willmott
3 Simon Marriott

TaG 125 Restricted Masters
1 Evam Broughton
2 Gavin Soward
3 Michael Robinson

Cadet 12
1 Brock Helm
2 Basilio Micale
3 Riley Curtis

4SS Junior
1 Lochlan Shearsmith
2 Buster Bailey
3 Georgie Yeadon

TaG 125 Restricted Light
1 Dale Zimmerman
2 Peter Bossons
3 Shane Roberts

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1 Nicholas Hobbs
2 Jayden O’Dea
3 Daniel Clement

Open Performance
1 Stephen Southgate

TaG 125 Light
1 Coby Tucker