Port Lincoln On The Mend

Having lay dormant for some time, the committee of the Port Lincoln Go Kart Club had been working hard over the years to get its circuit back up and running and to meet the current safety standards and racing regulations.

“We were making great strives to do this until a bush fire burnt the club (in 2019). We had to start from square one but we are dedicated to get back to racing!” the club posted.

It’s been a long road, but the club is slowly edging towards the $350,000 needed to resurface and widen the track to make the facility usable once more.

“The benefits to having such a facility are astronomical, from teaching basic car controls to the fundamentals of race craft or to enjoy time with the family outside of the normal routine.


“We have been working hard to get our track up and running for our future generations to enjoy and enhance their driving abilities.”

Some locals searching for a track to race (from the promo video, below)

As part of the ongoing fund raising process, the club now has a GoFundMe campaign underway, which can be accessed HERE.

“We have been fund-raising like crazy but we still have a long way to go to get our track resurfaced. We have been asked where people can donate, so we have set up a go fund me page.”

There’s also a cool little video on YouTube where local kids are looking for a place to race:

Above: Port Lincoln Go Kart Club Promotional Video by Hagen & Jett Ultimate Racing