Huge Interstate Numbers for Ipswich

from Russell Innes, IKC

A massive 398 entries will race at Ipswich Kart Club this weekend for Round 5 of the IKC Championships, with a huge influx of interstate visitors using the event as a shakedown for the upcoming AKC Round in July.

All the normal IKC Championship classes are running, plus X30 and KA2 Junior and Gearbox, both racing in the 3rd and Final Round of the Queensland Pineapple Cup.

Cadet 12 is the largest class on the program with 53 entries, whilst KA3 Junior Light has 50 entries. Both these classes will run the A, B, C Heat format and the top 35 on points after the Heats will go straight to the final, whilst those on points from 36th will race off in a Last Chance Qualifier to secure the last 5 spots in the Final.

TAG Light has a massive field of 38, whilst X30 is also huge with 34 entries. Both classes are stacked with a hugely talented field from across Australia. TAG Heavy has 22 entries and again has a very talented lineup.

Cadet 9 has 29 entries, whilst the very popular Cadet P class has 16 entries.


Qld Open Performance has 16 entries and multiple drivers in this class have also double entered to run the Gearbox class which has 20 entries.

KA3 Senior has a great lineup of drivers in the 24 kart field.

In KA2 Junior, 21 entries have been received, whilst KA3 Junior Heavy has a strong 14 kart field, which will be grouped with 4SS Junior with 4 entries.

In the Restricted TAG classes, Light has 22 entries, Medium has 15 and Masters has 20.

As always, unofficial Friday Practice will be available from 8.30am until 7.00pm, but everyone is reminded that under the AKC Registration rules, only those AKC competitors who have Ipswich Kart Club as their nominated test track or have a KA Exemption will be allowed to practice on the Friday.