All-Brand Chassis Repairs

Did you know that DPE Kart Superstore offers a chassis straightening and repair service for ALL brands of race kart?

You just need to get your frame to DPE HQ in Melbourne and for $200 they’ll inspect the chassis and provide a report on squareness, rail heights, waist sag, front-end geometry etc.

Chassis need to be fully stripped back to just the bare frame before sending to DPE

The $200 fee usually covers typical repair costs.

Turnaround is about a week and if the kart requires more comprehensive work, DPE will make contact regarding timing and cost.


Powder coating can also be arranged, in either Arrow Blue or gloss black, for $450 (but allow 2-3 weeks).

For more information about this service, and to download the Chassis Repair Form, visit the DPE site HERE.