Auskart Enduro Round 3 at Warwick

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

When ya get a spin in the kart again and end up third, ya just can’t help doing a write up can ya! Race day morning, after a cosy night @ Lamby’s house with a fun catch up & a couple of beers, we were greeted by frost!

No matter, it was focus on getting track time for myself and getting ready for the 3-Hour Enduro at Warwick Kart Club with Auskart Racing Inc.

Big Alan Lippiatt started us off with the random grid start almost at the back & remember he has a handicap of 13 kilos in order to keep me on weight! Between us we knuckled down and smashed some laps out and finished the first half of the enduro in the anti-clockwise direction in 3rd on class!

Onto the second 90 minutes of the enduro and having reported brake fade to Alan at the end of my stint it became apparent we were going to have to do 90 minutes with very little brake! Alan pushed hard and matched the front runners pace in our class superbly. Handing the factory CRG over to me to bring it home from 4th position as other co-drivers jumped in their karts, it became apparent we had a big chance of a podium. I set about chasing the number #5 and #38 not only catching them, but finding a way past with a little over 25 minutes remaining for P2! Combining the two parts gave us third overall!

A massive thanks to Alan for not only being the best team mate but also a really calming influence on a very inexperienced driver (me). I’m selling up writing this I’m that ecstatic! To the whole CRG Team Mandy, Hudson & Harrison! Thanks to Thompson karting supplies, Michael Thompson & Lindsay Lyndsey Thompson for looking after me as well food & drink & photos were awesome! Thanks to Stephen Buchanan and the whole crew for keeping us safe and a big shout out to Mark Walker, Edward Arendt, Jason Walvin & Paul Ludby and the rest of the Auskart Members crew for running a most enjoyable event!


  • full Enduro Championship round results HERE
  • event photos on Kev’s Facebook HERE

Senior 3-Hour

Performance Singe Med
1 Ludbey/Walvin
2 Shearsmith/Walvin

Senior Light
1 Sommerville/Dhu
2 Mullins/Stratford
3 Rice/??

Senior winner overall – T Ludbey / C Walvin

Senior Medium
1 Lusty/Cavallaro
2 Robinson/Edwards
3 Lippiatt/Davies

Senior Heavy
1 Arendt/Peters
2 Lusty/Lusty
3 Smith/Maurice

Junior 2-Hour

1 Duong/Simonelli
2 Dhu/Ionnidis
3 Lippiatt/Lippiatt

Junior Light
1 Ludbey/White
2 Lusty/Cavallaro


Junior winner overall – J Duong / S Simonelli