Big To Bigger for IKC Championship?

by Russell Innes, IKC

Ipswich Kart Club has enjoyed a huge start to 2023 over the first half of the Club Championship. With 4 Rounds now completed and 4 to go, race entry numbers have been massive with 1124 entries across the 4 Rounds so far, with an average of 281 entries per Round.

With Round 5 on June 17th and 18th also being the shakedown for the AKC Round in July, entry numbers for the June Round are expected to be over 350, maybe even close to 400. Later in the year IKC will also host the Queensland State Cup, so these huge entry numbers will continue throughout the year and it is anticipated that IKC will have close to 2500 entries across the year (Excluding the AKC Round)

After 4 Rounds of the Club Championship, only a couple of classes have a clear championship leader, but most classes are still very much in contention.

Race meetings at IKC can be run in the day and night

In Cadet 9, Jack Musico has now moved to the championship lead, only marginally ahead of Kenichi Morita, Jeremy Broadbent, Leighton Thorley, Riccardo Johnston and Brock Nolan. The points are so close across the top 6 that all are still in very strong contention.

The battle for the Championship lead in Cadet 12 is very close between Gabriel Elkayam and Alaster Flack, but any slipup from these two and Brock Helm and Declan Hicks are not too far behind.

Jett Saraghi and Georgie Yeadon are well ahead of the rest of the field in 4SS Junior, but Saraghi only has a very narrow lead over Yeadon. Troy Bowden and Jaxon Duong are in a very tight battle for 3rd.

Luke Rinaldi has surged to a comfortable lead in KA3 Junior Light, ahead of a tight battle behind between Sebastian Bennett, Zack Hilder, Brodie Norris and Trent Newton.

In KA3 Junior Heavy, Lucas Lesmes and Cody Scott are so close at the top of the championship table, with Cooper Friend 3rd.


Darcy Briggs and Maxwell Reibelt have a small margin between them in 4SS Senior Light, but are well clear of 3rd placed Jordan Briggs who is in a very tight battle with Xander Jacobi and Casey LeGarde.

Keegan Fraser has a pretty comfortable lead over Ryan Uhlmann in KA3 Senior, these 2 well ahead of the tight battle for 3rd between Kristian Nguyen and Lachlan Platten.

Robert Mortensen has a reasonably comfortable championship lead in TAG Restricted Light, but the battle behind is quite close between Jake Czislowski and Joshua Frew.

Nicholas Crofton is building a solid lead in TAG Restricted Medium, whilst Alan Czislowski and Bradley McNaught are very close in the battle for the minor placings.

Gavin Soward and Noel Smyth are very close at the top of the table in TAG Restricted Masters, with Kevin Johnston a bit of a gap back in 3rd.

Jack Wells has been very strong all year in TAG Light and has a commanding lead from Tom Dare and Brent Reading.

Likewise Brock Plumb has been dominant in TAG Heavy and has a huge lead over Tim Farrell and Jumpei Morita.

In Queensland Open Performance Heavy, Angus Mathers has now moved to the Championship lead, but Jason Smith, Keyan Appleby and Scott Cleveland are all very close behind.

Ipswich Kart Club now has a bit of a mid season break before the next race meeting on June 17th and 18th and some minor infrastructure works and track ripple strip improvements will be implemented during this break. All normal club day classes, plus X30 will run at Round 5, plus KA2 Junior and the Gearbox class who will be contesting their 3rd and Final Round of the Queensland “Pineapple Cup”