KA’s Strategic Plan Released

Karting Australia has unveiled a new Strategic Plan “Australian Karting Towards 2030” at the Building Better Kart Clubs Conference in Melbourne.

The Strategic Plan provides a nationally aligned strategy that outlines a plan for the Australian Karting Community through into the next decade – the longest ever vision by the sport in this country.

“To achieve our purpose of leading, guiding, inspiring, and growing karting, we need to ensure that all levels of our sport – the Board, Karting Australia staff, Member States, Clubs and Stakeholders – understand our plan and prioritise their alignment with our purpose and recognise what success looks like,” said Karting Australia Chairman Kevin Davis.

“This strategic plan has been a significant body of work and the launch now sets a great path for the sport, and all that are involved with it, to travel on as we head well into the future.”

For Karting Australia Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly, he stated that the “Australian Karting Towards 2030” provides the sport the opportunity to address current issues and have a long-term vision for the future.


“Planning for the next decade gives us the opportunity to address current Karting issues, and create a vision for the future of Karting, giving us a holistic approach to making Karting the best sport it can be,” said O’Reilly.

“Towards 2030 is now a ‘living’ document that will guide the long-term work of Karting Australia and our Karting Community.

“Our highest immediate priorities that are addressed in Towards 2030 are the shortage of race officials and volunteers required to run race meetings, Clubs and State Associations; and attracting, inducting, and retaining new and existing members at Clubs.

“As with all good businesses, we can and must continue to be multi-faceted in our thought processes and actions and be active in all areas of our sport and business.”

  • to view the 17-page document, click/tap HERE