Juniors Tackle 50-Lapper

by Liza Taylor

The Round 3 Championship at Combined Districts Kart Club was a testament to the never give up attitude of the karting community. With cold, wet and icy conditions, 95 karters and their respective family and friends braved the extreme weather on Saturday. For many karters young and old, thrills and spills were a plenty, as this was their first experience driving in the wet. And that was just practice!

Weather conditions eased slightly overnight, and we woke to see the rain clouds part for Race Day. “Despite a pretty horrible weather forecast, I was really pleased to see 126 Karters race on the day,” explains Russell Becker, CDKC Club President.

Hudson Petta leads class winner Vasili Baralos and the rest of the Novice field at Lithgow (pic – Quick Pixels )

The Race Day feature was the Junior 50 Lapper. Following a full day of racing, 32 eager karters were ready and up for the challenge. The grid line-up saw Junior Light at the front with Junior Heavy drivers at the rear, and a reverse order where the fastest drivers were placed at the rear of each division. 

As the field made their way through the tram tracks, the excitement and anticipation was palpable (and that was just the parents!). The lights go out and the battle is on!

Fuelled by pure adrenalin and 2-stroke, the start resembled a 6-lane highway in China, as the drivers pushed and shoved their way into position going into Turn 1. Thankfully, all survived the rumble and lap 1 of 50.

The Heavies followed by the Lights for the start of the Junior 50-lapper, Riley Skinner in the #94 would finish 3rd (pic – Quick Pixels )

With all karts on slick tyres, the variable conditions throughout the race tested each driver’s skill and ability to the limit. By lap 20, both the rain and temperature began to fall, and in some sections the track was more like a slip’n’slide with marbles on it. As drivers tried their best to stay on the icy track, one-by-one they began to fall and by the end there were only 17 drivers remaining.

It was a nail-biting race to watch, as the track tested each karter’s determination and endurance as they raced to the checkered flag. Honourable mentions go to race winner Kurtis Jackson. Starting at the back of the pack, he skilfully climbed his way through the field to take victory for the day. Congratulations also go to place getters, Joshua Benaud and Riley Skinner. Each class was given a handicap based on lap records at the track, Junior Heavy given a 20 second start over Junior Light (0.4 seconds per lap).

Junior Light take a start (pic – Quick Pixels )

In the end, the real winners on the day were the karting community. Rain or shine, a great day was had by all. As Russell explains, “Our club continues to deliver quality race meetings and appreciate the support of all entrants.”


Race Results (full results on speedhive HERE)

1 Vasili Baralos
2 Hudson Petta
3 Jacob Harris

1 Joel McGrath
2 Denilson Silva
3 Zac Brown

Rookies in action, James Grima (73) ahead of Anthony Saad (6) and Zac Brown (94) (pic – Quick Pixels )

Junior Light
1 Tommy Rizk
2 Askr Sendall
3 Travis Campbell

Junior Light C&D
1 James Ford
2 Leo Salerno
3 Bowie Wanda

Junior Heavy
1 Kurtis Jackson
2 Joshua Benaud
3 Josh Hunter

Junior Heavy C&D
1 Nate Hughes
2 Callum Donnelly
3 Christian Ayrouth

With fastest to the rear and the Lights starting a calculated time behind the Heavies, the 50-Lapper Classic for Juniors at Lithgow proved a challenging affair as rain hit mid-race.
TaG Restricted, John Stone waves at the cameras (pic – Quick Pixels)

TAG R Light/Heavy and SP Light
1 Joshua Shipley
2 Jye Kevin Wagstaff
3 Marcus Dean Jackson

TAG R Heavy
1 Nicholas Becker
2 Christopher Nobbs
3 Mitch Lozina