Oscar’s Ride Restored

Melbourne Kart Centre has restored Oscar Piastri’s Junior Clubman kart he used in Australia. Timing the unveil to coincide with F1 race week, this is the very chassis (OTK FA Kart) that Oscar won his last race with the MKC/James Sera Karting team in 2014 before taking off to Europe.

“This is a special moment for his family and all involved in Oscar’s karting career” MKC posted. “This was a great and honoured project for all the MKC team (James Sera, Sam Sera and Josh Brooker) to make Oscar’s kart happen this weekend.”


It includes a J&A Tuning Yamaha engine and Glenn Powles replicated Oscar’s graphics.

“Oscar and the team certainly made a great combination in the day” MKC added. “We wish you the best of luck this weekend Osc. We will be there to cheer you on.”


The kart is on display at the AGP at Albert Park this weekend in the Karting Australia display