Hooly Interviews Big Tom

Tom Williamson runs one of the biggest karting teams in Australia and is a major industry player coaching karters plus importing and distributing Kart Republic products (KR, FA and WPK).

Daniel Holihan (On the couch with Hooly YouTube & podcasts) interviews Big Tom in this episode titled “Driver coaching minus the bullshit”, below.


* Language warning *

→ Tom’s life growing up and racing career before coaching
→ Why and how coaching became a career?
→ F*ck ego! Accepting when you’re wrong.
→ Why Formula Ford is so crucial in any drivers career
→ Karting AU vs NSW + club level (It’s a shit fight!)
→ Teaching autistic kids to tap into their hidden superpowers
→ Importance of media training & psych for drivers
→ Who’s the best racer in the world? Hint: you don’t know them
→ Karting costs, tips and BTS know-how
→ Thoughts – Is SuperUtes a path to Supercars (yeah nah), How to become a pro driver, Trans-AM, Supercars charter system, IndyCar with Will Power, F1 & the GOAT Ryan Sanderson + LOADS MORE banter…
→ And The FAST FIVE!