Interview: Lachlan Crisp

from Queensland Superkart Club

QSC: What was the highlight of the 2022 Season?

I didn’t get to as many races as I would have like in 2022 but getting the opportunity to try a different chassis, the ADE that my brother Gareth normally drives, and trying to master its characteristics, was very challenging.

(pic – QSC/ASPA)

QSC: When did you first race a Superkart?

2016 I think. I had no intention to race a superkart that year but went to help a friend with his and as soon as I
heard one and smelt that sweet smell of a 2-stroke I was hooked and bought my own a week later!

QSC: What are your plans for 2023?


Same as everyone else – go faster.

Honestly I would be happy if I just make it to more race meetings

(pic – QSC/ASPA)

QSC: If you could race any track in the world?

If I could race any racetrack in the world what would it be? Bathurst, hands down. It’s on my bucket list.