Big Entry For IKC 4SS Titles

by Russell Innes, IKC

A huge 249 entries have been received for Round 2 of the 2023 Ipswich Kart Club Championships on Saturday the 4th of March. This is an impressive number considering over 70 IKC members are away at Round 1 of the AKC the same weekend. The 4SS Junior and Senior contingent will be contesting the 4SS Titles as the feature classes on Saturday.

Favourites in the 4SS Junior class will be Georgie Yeadon, Buster Bailey, Jett Saraghi, Travis Dhu and Jaxon Duong in the 14 Kart field.

4SS Senior Light will have a fantastic battle between the likes of Xander Jacobi, Darcy Briggs, Olin Stratford and Maxwell Reibelt. Brynn Stewart, Mark Walker, Andy Mann, Ryan Uhlmann and James McLaren will be strong in 4SS Senior Medium, whilst Jason Ramsay, Harrison Arendt, Edward Arendt and Daniel Clout should fight it out for the podium in 4SS Senior Heavy.

The small 4SS Supermaxx Medium class has a quality contingent vying for honours and Kev Davis, Scott Pearce and Chad Sampson, will be at the front with challenges also coming from Riley Conroy, Arnold Kretschmer and Harrison Conroy. In 4SS Supermaxx Heavy, Jason Ramsay and Tom Tucker will battle it out for the win.

With a large contingent of the normal frontrunners away at the AKC Round in South Australia, we will likely see some new winners and podium placegetters in the Cadet and Junior classes. In Cadet 9, Jeremy Broadbent, Jack Musico, Riccardo Johnston and Kenichi Morita will be likely frontrunners, closely pursued by the likes of Leighton Thorley, Felix Sim, Ayrton Hobday and Martin Hsieh. The small 4SS Cadet contingent will be on track with Cadet 9 and Jensen Clout, Caine Caldwell and Ty Bradley will battle for the victory.


Again, with Cadet 12 a lot of the regular frontrunners are away at AKC, so Gabriel Elkayam, Riley Curtis and the inform Brock Helm will be the fast 3, but there will be plenty of challenges from Ashton Smith, Jack Sydenham, Jack Jensen, Alistair Leggatt and Xavier Knight.

The Cadet P Class at IKC continues to offer great opportunity for a lot of new Cadets to be introduced to racing and a huge 19 kart field will start. In Cadet 12P, Brodie Rose will be a strong favourite for the win ahead of Archer Bailey, Jensen Berridge, Blake Cowie, Oliver Tresillian and Samuel McColl. In Cadet 9P, it will be a great little battle between Olivia Walton, Jacob Brook-Lenehan, Oliver Jones, Walter Hillier, Maxwell Southgate, Scarlett Mitrovic and Oskar Kozak.

Despite probably a dozen of the normal frontrunners being away at AKC, KA3 Junior Light has still attracted over 30 entries. Luke Rinaldi, Zack Hilder and Sebastian Bennett all normally run at the front at Ipswich and with a lot of the other normal frontrunners away, these 3 will likely contest for the podium, but it also presents a great opportunity for others like Charlie Stratford, Trent Newton, Loius Brown, Jackson Cooper, Henry Stratford, Copper Fysh, William Smith and Chad Rissman to challenge for a podium. Max Acquasanta, Cody Scott, Lucas Lesmes, Oliver Acquasanta, Isabella Wagner and Charlie Ernst will
Have a great battle at the front of the KA3 Junior Heavy field.

Josh Frew, Dean Silcock, Robert Mortensen, Nathaniel Harrison, Jake Czislowski, Lilly Stevens, Jack Munro Ethan Blackband and Xander Jacobi will contest for the TAG Restricted Light honours and Silcock will do double duty and also contest TAG Restricted Medium to take on his brother Ryan Silcock, Allan Mayes, Jody Zaal, Noel Smyth and Bradley McNaught. In TAG Restricted Masters, Smyth will be pulling double duty and aiming for another podium with challenges from Gavin Soward, Simon Russell, Kevin Castles, Lee Robinson and Kevin Johnston.

TAG Heavy and TAG Light will be smaller fields than normal on Saturday as many are away contesting AKC,
But there will still be an amazing amount of talent on show. TAG Heavy will be very closely contested amongst Jared Neinert, Brock Plumb, Brendan Nelson, Jumpei Morita, Christopher Williams, Riley LeGarde, Josh Goddard, Scott Gray, Hayden Egan and David Vogel. With quite a few of the regular frontrunners away at AKC, TAG Light will be a battle between Jack Wells, William Gallagher, Jessica Golding, Jacques Goodman and Jordan Kidas.

Queensland Open Performance Heavy will be hotly contested amongst Dan Hutchinson, Finlay Derry, Scott Cleveland, Tim Spencer, Tristan Ellery, Angus Mathers and Keyan Appleby. In Queensland Open Performance Light, Liam Cummings, Stephanie Duffy and Ty Spencer will fight it out.