Auskart Qld Round 1

from Kev ‘The noise’ Davies

Auskart Racing kicked off the SE QLD championship with round one at Ipswich kart club on Saturday.

128 entries were received for the Saturday sprints and provided some tremendous racing with very large fields of 4-stroke only karts.

There were then some endurance races on Sunday which meant Auskart enjoyed a total of 192 entries for the two day meeting – pretty incredible for a four stroke bitumen racing club!

Cadet winner Caine Caldwell (pic – Kev Davies)

Photos all here : Interviews and other live feeds all on the Facebook page

  • results on speedhive HERE
  • more race videos on Kev’s YouTube HERE
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Results (overall points)

1 Levi Newton
2 Luca Hay
3 Harper Dhu

Senior Med/Hvy
1 Elliott Thompson
2 Chris Lusty
3 Mitchell Walker

Junior Light
1 Jackson Nott
2 Olivia Summers
3 Elijah White

1 Buster Bailey
2 Travis Dhu
3 Jaxon Duong

Senior Unrestricted
1 Georgie Yeadon
2 Lochlan Shearsmith


Snr Performance Single Heavy
1 Zachary Walvin
2 Cooper Walvin
3 Harrison Arendt

Snr Performance Single Medium
1 Stephen George
2 Mykal George
3 Jake Mellema

1 Caine Caldwell
2 Zade Sturgess
3 Jensen Clout

Performance Twin
1 Matthew Smith
2 Xachary Filla
3 Thomas Ludbery

Senior Light
1 Lochlan Shearsmith
2 Kalan Mullins
3 Maxwell Reibelt

Enduro Races:

1 J Saraghi / H Stratford
2 M McNeil / B Bailey
3 C Stratford / T Bowden

1 C Lusty / M Cavallaro
2 M Rice / J Gordan
3 L Shearsmith / W Carey