IAME Homologation Updates

from karting.net.au

Karting Australia has updated the IAME KA100 and IAME X30 Homologation Papers effective 17 January 2022.

The majority of the updates are clarifications on items, updates on markings and identification and the inclusion of the Type 3 D22 Restrictor.  Due to a supply issue, there is now the ability for fibreglass reed petals to be used – it has been advised by IAME that there is no performance alteration.

A summary of the updates can be found below.


IAME KA100 (https://www.karting.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/IAME-KA100-100cc-REEDJET-Engine-Updated-17-January-2023.pdf)

Reduced tolerance on cylinder liner height10
Updated drawings. Dimension to inlet conveyor thickness added.11
New Type 3 D22 Restrictor15
Drawings and Picture of Airbox Rain Cover17
Additional/clarified muffler dimensions19
Added photo identification of muffler20
Alternative Head, Cylinder, Crankcase Markings27
Alternative clutch hub friction material32
Fibreglass Reed Petals36
Alternative Pump Diaphragm43, 48
Spark Plug Crush Washer52
Alternative Spark Plug Cap52
Exhaust Sensor fitting clarification52

IAME X30 (https://www.karting.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/IAME-X30-125cc-Engine-Updated-17-January-2023.pdf)

Updated Roller Main Bearing Photo19
Updated Drawing Of Inlet Conveyor21
Diagram & Picture Of Airbox Rain Cover24
Additional/Clarified Muffler Dimensions31
Added Alternative Radiator Type 245
Re-Named Type 2 Radiator to Type 346
Alternative Clutch Hub Friction Material54
Squish Measuring Procedure72
Spark Plug Crush Washer73
Blue Selettra Coil Clarification73
Exhaust Sensor Fitting Clarification74
Added Start/Stop Buttons To Non-Tech Items List75