Coffs Harbour Returns to KA

The Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club has voted to re-affiliate with Karting Australia. This makes it the third club this month to go back under the umbrella of Karting Australia (Lismore and Toowoomba announced earlier this month – see HERE).

The club called a special meeting at the Coffs Hotel yesterday, January 21, which included representation from Karting NSW and Karting Australia.

After presentations from both, members in attendance voted 24 to 7 to leave KNSW and return to KA/KA-NSW.

“We would like to thank all members who attended our special meeting” the club posted.

“A motion to re-affiliate with Karting Australia was passed with a majority vote of 77%.


“We would like to thank both Karting NSW & Karting Australia for their professionalism during this time.

“The outcome is a club decision. Karting NSW & Karting Australia both made presentations to our members and the decision was not taken lightly.

“We look forward to 2023.”