Verrall Joins Patrizicorse

Having been on the fringes of the sport for the past few years, former driver, race team manager and kart shop proprietor Dale Verrall has returned to a full-time position in karting, accepting the role of Operations Manager for racing activities with Patrizicorse.

“The time was right to return to karting, a sport I enjoy so much” confirmed Verrall.

“Working now for Patrizicorse will provide me a challenge for many years to come as they have in place the strategies and programs to grow and develop.

“The drivers we have signed for this season are all of high calibre, our engine partners are ready, Birel ART have always been one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Patrizicorse have always had exceptional results and performance over the years, so I am looking forward to continuing that further.”


“Dale has a wealth of experience in the karting sector from running his own business to running a racing team at a factory level back in its hay day” Michael Patrizi added.

“Dale has always strived for excellence in his job and I’m so glad he has decided to return to the sport he loves and is now working with us, providing our customers with even more customer and product support to what we have previously offered.”

Verrall will be present at the major events throughout 2023.