KNSW Rotax Clarification

Karting NSW issued a clarification via social media yesterday regarding its stance on the Rotax situation. Confirming it will not sanction a Pro Tour series, the organisation re-iterated an earlier announcement it will still offer Rotax classes at its race meetings.


We’d like to provide some clarification on the ROTAX Pro Tour announcement that went out last week. As many of you know the RaceMAX agreement has been kicking around for some time. And some people rightly commented there was a Facebook post released in November last year stating that “KNSW, Rotax and RaceMax together have an agreed in principle position that will see a 5-year partnership agreement in place”. We’d like to confirm that this agreement was never signed and finalised. Following the November 2021 Facebook post more discussions were held over 2022 and it came to the point last week where the situation needed to be resolved prior to the 2023 racing season. So, we made and announced the decision that the agreement which included the ROTAX ProTour would not go ahead. We still believe this decision is in the best interest of all stakeholders.


In last week’s post we probably didn’t make it clear enough that we haven’t put a red line through ROTAX engines. All the ROTAX classes and ROTAX engines listed in the Rule Book remain and can be run at race meetings. RaceMax can still work with clubs if they wish to run and promote ROTAX classes. We encourage any clubs wishing to run ROTAX classes to do so. We have approved a new rule change allowing the use of MAXXIS tyres with ROTAX engines and MOJO tyres will continue to be allowed. It will be a club decision as to which tyre, they would like to use.

We have met and discussed the feedback to last week’s announcement. At this meeting, all members of the Board agreed that we are committed to improving communication with the entire karting community. In two weeks’ time the Board will begin an intensive strategy planning process running over a month so we can rapidly set in place a clear and strategic direction for 2023 and 2024. As part of this process please keep an eye out next week for emails and posts with a link asking you to give us feedback and ideas for what you’d like your karting year and future to look like. This will be a great opportunity for you to let us know what you don’t like, what you do like and what you’d like us to do to ensure your karting experience is the best it can be.