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NEW WEIGHTS – The 2023 rule book has yet to be released, however Karting Australia has confirmed weight changes – mostly increases – across a number of classes. “The Cadet 12 adjustment brings Australia inline with the International Rok Cup Regulations while KA3 Junior weights are based on the assessment of drivers and equipment in the Junior ranks” the national body posted. “The TAG 125 adjustments have been made following constant assessment throughout the year between the results of drivers using the various engines.”

EXPO CANCELLED – Organisers have confirmed Kartmesse (Kart Expo) 2023 has been cancelled. Intended to have run on January 14-15 at Dortmund, Germany, the international expo is booked in to the same spacious exhibition halls of the Westfalenhalle for Jan 13-14, 2024.

“Of course, it hits us that we have to take another break after 2021 and 2022” said head of the expo, Marcel Fuchsberger. “We have spoken to numerous exhibitors. They are very hesitant due to the current economic development and the associated cost. As a result, we cannot offer a programme that does justice to the world’s largest Kartmesse.”

NEW APPOINTMENT – Matthew Gould has left Karting Australia to take up a position at Paul Morris’ Norwell Motorplex. Gould has been appointed Operations Manager. “As our corporate, event and experience business continues to grow I’m confident we can continue to be industry leaders with Matt with his hand on the wheel” Morris posted.

PRODUCTION MILESTONE – The Rotax MAX FR125 engine is now 25-years old (crikey, where’d that time go?!) and Rotax has now shipped the 125,000th Rotax MAX engine. “We are incredibly proud to be celebrating this huge milestone” Rotax said in a statement. “Thank you to our customers, network and distributors all over the world and our extraordinary production team here at BRP Rotax Gunskirchen, Austria!”

125,000 125cc MAXes have now been produced and shipped to dealers globally (pic – BRP-Rotax)

RETRO REVAMP – The Retro Karting Australia website is undergoing a revamp. View it – retrokartingaus.com.au

TaG ENDURO – There is huge interest in the end-of-year 4.5-hour TaG Enduro at Todd Road next Sunday, December 11. Having been massively popular when first introduced over 10 years ago, interest waned, then the possibility of it re-firing a few years ago was hampered by covid. Therefore it was no surprise the field filled quickly when entries for 2022 opened! The race will be live-streamed (link tba) and there’s plenty of extra cash up for grabs – $500 to the fastest qualifier in the Top 10 Shootout and $500 to the team that makes up the most positions in the race from their starting grid.

Special and unique trophy design

STREETS OFF, STREETS ON – The spectacular Quincy Grand Prix will not be run in 2023. Ekartingnews reports the event organiser has pulled the pin due to reduced competitor and spectator attendance in 2022. The race, highly challenging but massively dangerous on a temporary circuit through beautiful parklands (search for it on YouTube), ran for four years from 2018 (missing 2020 due to covid). More on ekartingnews HERE.

Meanwhile, organisers have confirmed the date for the Rock Island Grand Prix, the 28th edition to take place through the city streets on September 2-3 next year. As it runs under the United States Auto Club (USAC), holders of an FIA/CIK kart license will be eligible to compete.

Quincy GP, through the parklands (pic – Mark Schwigen/ekartingnews.com)

TRIPLE TRIO – It was only a few years ago these three were competing in karting events around the country. Oscar Piastri, Jack Doohan and Christian Mansell will fly the Australian flag in the F1, F2 and F3 Championships respectively in 2023. They’ll all be in action at Albert Park on March 30 to April 2.


POWER ROLLS – Having survived the rough and tumble of the SKUSA Supernats the other week, Will Power flipped his kart in a low key karting event soon afterwards! Power reports he’s fractured a couple of ribs.

RENTAL ENDURO – CRG has announced the date of the 2023 edition of “24 Hours Karting of Italy”. One of the most awaited karting events of the rental season, the 24-hour returns to its original location (Castelletto di Branduzzo) as the opening event of the season on the last weekend of March. CRG expect 40 teams with drivers from around 10 countries to participate.

WSK 2023 – WSK has confirmed the race calendar and official suppliers for 2023. Panta 102 octane fuel will be used, plus tyres from Vega, LeCont and MG in a complex array of class use.

29/01/2023 LONATO / MINI – OKJ – OK – X30S – X30J – KZ2

1st Rd – 05/02/2023 LONATO / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OK-N OKN-J
2nd Rd – 19/02/2023 FRANCIACORTA / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OK-N OKN-J
3rd Rd – 05/03/2023 SARNO / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OK-N OKN-J
4th Rd – 30/04/2023 CREMONA / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OK-N OKN-J

WSK Super Cup by Mini – ACI Sport MINI National Trophy
11/06/2023 LA CONCA / MINI

1st Rd – 03/09/2023 FRANCIACORTA / MINI – OKJ – OK – OK-N OKN-J
2nd Rd – 29/10/2023 SARNO / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OK-N OKN-J

1st Rd – 12/03/2023 LONATO / MINI – X30S – X30J – KZ2
2nd Rd – 02/04/2023 CREMONA / MINI – X30S – X30J – KZ2
3rd Rd –16/04/2023 CASTELLETTO / MINI – X30S – X30J
4th Rd – 25/06/2023 SARNO / MINI – X30S – X30J – KZ2

1st Rd 19/11/2023 LONATO / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – X30S – X30J
2nd Rd 26/11/2023 FRANCIACORTA / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2– OK-N OKN-J

– MINI (M1) and OKJ (Option) (with the exception of the WSK Super Cup by Mini – MINI ACI Sport National Trophy on June 11, when MG tyres will be used);
– KZ2 (Prime) (WSK Champions Cup and WSK Super Master Series);
– OK-N and OKN-J (Vega Option).

– OK (Prime) (with the exception of the WSK Euro Series round of September 3, when MG tyres will be used);
– KZ2 (Prime) (WSK Euro Series, WSK Open Cup, WSK Final Cup).

– OK (Prime) (Franciacorta WSK Euro Series, September 3);
– X30 Junior (Option), X30 Senior (Prime);
– WSK Super Cup by Mini – ACI Sport MINI National Trophy.