Rotax Launch New Electric Motor

Rotax has revealed a new electric motor for karting, targeting younger drivers and the recreational market. The Rotax E10 has a 48-volt powerplant that is physically quite smaller than that used on the E20 series karts.

The motor can have an output of 7 or 14 kilowatts, depending whether it’s using a single or double battery pack. (For comparison, an IAME KA100 engine is around 16kW and an FR125 MAX is around 22kW).

The E10 features a power-boost function that gives an extra 20% power for 5-seconds and can be deployed once every 45 seconds.

Rotax claim the power output is constant until the battery charge has fallen to 20% and has a drive time of around 20 minutes. The press release made no mention of charge time.

“The Rotax E10 is designed for both professional and recreational karting” a BRP-Rotax statement read.

“On the professional racing side, this new e-powertrain is for racers between 6 and 12 years old and can be carried up until Junior class. It complements the existing E20 unit already used by racers aged 12 and up.”

“BRP has set out to electrify its existing product lines by the end of 2026, and today marks another milestone with the introduction of the all-new Rotax E10 engine for karting enthusiasts,” said Thomas Uhr, Chief Technology Officer at BRP.


“There is no doubt that the e-mobility trend is also sweeping through the racing community, and BRP-Rotax is determined to create cutting-edge propulsion systems to provide game-changing experiences to its customers.”

Peter Oelsinger, General Manager of BRP-Rotax, said “We are paving the way for carbon-neutral kart racing” before adding “the all-electric zero-emission E10 brings a whole new racing experience, with low noise and no smell”.

(Yes, yes, we know the zero-emission claim is a curly one because, just like the refinement of fossil fuels, the production of electricity typically produces emissions…)

The technology in E10 enables a plug and play concept that requires minimal maintenance.

“Combine a chassis with one E10 powerpack – that is all you need for a complete racing season” Oelsinger added. “This racing equipment can even grow with your child or be used by more than one racer, simply by adding the second battery to double the performance. And young karting champs love having that boost button.”

The Rotax E10 will be available for racing and testing within the first half of 2023.

all pics – BRP-Rotax