Kocoski Top Tens on Senior Debut

Jett Kocoski made his debut in the senior ranks over the weekend in the ultra-competitive X30 class. Kocoski has had a strong season in the KA2 junior ranks and started the next phase of his career over the weekend beginning his senior career.

With around 20 of the countries best drivers taking the start, Jett was in for a tough weekend of racing! Kocoski utilised Friday practice to get up to speed before hitting the track for qualifying on Saturday morning.

The Rush Performance entry hit the track and quickly made his way into the top 15 and was looking to make his way further up the grid. Jett unfortunately got caught in a lot of traffic across the session and couldn’t get a clear run at his fast laps. Kocoski stopped the clock in position 14 overall and now had work to do in the heats!

Jett was looking to heat 1 to try and move his way up through the field. Kocoski jumped into position 13 straight away but was in a battle for the position he had made up. The extra weight and grippier tyres in the class were still providing some adjusting for young Kocoski. Jett was able to come through and finish the heat and cross the line in position 14 overall.

Heat 2 was under difficulty conditions as the heavens opened up and the rain hit the circuit! The race was red flagged and once restarted Jett’s main aim was to finish the race and move up positions. Kocoski made his way into position 13 by mid race and was looking to make up more positions in the back end of the race. Jett was able to make up a further 2 positions in the 2nd half of the race and crossed the line in position 11 overall!


The final heat on Saturday was once again under wet conditions and Jett was looking to improve his pace across the race. The Rush Performance entry had improved lap speed and was pushing once again to move forward across the race. Jett made his way into position 13 with the competitiveness of the X30 class being at a supreme level. Kocoski crossed the line in position 13 overall to continue his improvement across the weekend.

Heat 4 was on Sunday morning and Jett was looking to move up once again. Kocoski was straight away able to make up a couple of positions and was chasing hard after the front drivers. Jett had made his way up to position 11 overall but was struggling with the physical nature of the class. Kocoski crossed the line in position 11 but was relegated to position 13 due to a post-race infringement!

Jett was going into the final with an all or nothing approach and was looking to make his way into the top 10. The Rush Performance driver got an excellent start and was straight into the top 10 drivers. Kocoski was pushing hard and was on the back of the top 5 battle by mid race. When Jett looked a strong chance to come home with a top 5 finish, the young driver hit a water patch on the track and dropped down spots. Kocoski was able to still come home with his best result of the weekend in position 9 in a great top 10 finish!

Jett’s father Bob spoke post weekend on his young son’s weekend. “It’s a really tough class X30 but Jett improved over the weekend and had a much better race in the final. A big thanks to Jamie Rush from Rush Performance for all of his help”.

Kocoski will continue his 2022 season and push to be up the front in the X30 class.