Preview: IKC TaG Restricted Titles

by Russell Innes, Ipswich Kart Club

Another huge entry list of 219 Drivers has been received for Round 6 of the Ipswich Kart Club Championship and the TAG Restricted Titles at Ipswich Kart Club this Saturday 3rd of September. TAG Restricted Light, TAG Restricted Medium and TAG Restricted Masters will be the Feature classes.

TAG Restricted Light has been dominated all year by the Silcock brothers, Ryan and Dean, but they will have plenty of challengers on Saturday with Nathaniel Harrison, Robert Mortensen, Lilly Stevens, Ethan Blackband, Jack Munro, Henry Titman and Riley Van Den Broek all expected to figure prominently.

TaG Restricted Light in action at Ipswich Kart Club (pic – Ronan Morgan, RGM Photography)

David Vogel will probably go in as favourite in TAG Restricted Medium, but Pete Sattler, Adam Wood, Rudy Farkas and James Hogan will keep him real honest.

Noel Smyth, Evan Broughton and Kevin Johnston have been the pacesetters in recent rounds in TAG Restricted Masters and should fight it out for the podium again, but Kevin Castles, Terry Ayres and Peter Greenwood will look to capitalise on any mistakes or mechanical failures to maybe grab a podium place.

Cadet 12 has once again drawn a massive entry list of 33 Starters, whilst Cadet 9 is continuing to grow in numbers, with many graduating from the P Plate Class and 22 of our youngest competitors will greet the starter on Saturday. TAG Light, as always has a large field of 22 and is full of high quality drivers and is a fantastic class to watch in action at IKC.


After 5 completed Rounds of the IKC Championship and only the 2 Rounds to go, the pointscore is still very close in some classes. With a maximum of 300 points up for grabs at each round, it only takes a DNF in a Final to suddenly lose up to 200 points, so most classes are still far from settled.

In Cadet 9, Jack Musico on 1056 points has a good lead on Blake Haigh with 972 points and Michael Quintilliani on 928 points. Cadet 12 is led by Luke Wilson on 1115 points, just ahead of Alester Flack on 1089 points. Basilo Micale, Gabriel Elkayam and Xavier Raso are very close in the battle for 3rd. Micale on 962 from Elkayam on 944 and Raso on 919.

Finn Woodley (1151 points), Georgie Yeadon (1149 points) and Cody Scott (1067 points) are all very close in 4SS Junior, but Woodley has now moved on to KA4 Junior Light, so Yeadon and Scott will fight this one out over the remaining 2 Rounds. Dominic Penman leads KA4 Junior Light on 992 points, with Jaxson Fischle and Luke Rinaldi equal 2nd on 933 points. Alex Gardner (903 points) leads KA3 Junior with a small margin over Sebastian Tupackovski on 885 points and Jack Wells on 860 points.

Darcy Briggs on 1155 points has a huge lead in 4SS Senior Light, from Andy Mann on 655 points. Jai Brown (995 points), Ryan Uhlmann (934 points) and Keegan Fraser (895 points) are well clear in KA3 Senior and will battle it out for the club championship over the last 2 rounds.

Ryan Silcock (1355 points) has a small but handy lead over his brother Dean Silcock (1282 points) in TAG Restricted Light, with Robert Mortensen currently 3rd on 1108 points. David Vogel on 1330 points has a commanding lead in TAG Restricted Medium over Pete Sattler on 1062 points and Adam Wood on 1021 points, these 3 well clear of everyone else. In TAG Restricted Masters, Noel Smyth on 1215 points has been very strong and has a comfortable lead over Evan Broughton on 1080 points.

Jared Neinert on 1100 points currently leads TAG Heavy, from Brock Plumb on 1024 points and Jumpei Morita on 1023 points. In TAG Light, Stewart Hare has a commanding lead on 1174 points. Jack Stimson is 2nd on 929 points with Jacques Goodman close behind on 901 points.

In a very tight battle in Open Performance Heavy, Scott Cleveland currently leads on 1235 points from Brett Wells on 1202 points, Keyan Appleby on 1195 points and Dan Hutchinson on 1120 points.