Guesty Boys Top Ten AKC Finale

Western Australian twins Dylan and Sebastian Guest made the long trip across the country for the final round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship last weekend.

The Guest brothers, racing under the GB Sport banner, were hitting the Newcastle Kart Club circuit looking to gain strong pace and race as close to the front as possible. Both brothers used Friday practice to gain as much set up and driver pace as possible.

The Guesty Boys! Sebastian ahead of Dylan in Newcastle (pic – Pace Images)

Dylan Guest was able to make the most of his qualifying making his way into the top 20 in the early stages of the session, before making his way into the top 10. Dylan put in a brilliant lap to get himself up to position 7 on the grid.

Heat 1 started in excellent fashion with Guest starting out of position 4, jumping into the lead on the opening lap. Dylan was unfortunately shuffled back to the edge of the top 5 but continued to race hard as the race went on. Guest was able to cross the line in position 5 but due to post race penalties dropped to position 11.

Dylan was in another tough battle in heat 2 ranging from as high as position 4 to as low as position 6 in a tough battle. Guest made his way into 4th on the penultimate lap of the race before he was shuffled back and classified in position 8 overall.

Dylan had finished both of his opening heats in the top 10 and was looking to continue his strong weekend. Guest dropped down to position 7 at the start of heat 3 and had work to do to try and make spots back up. Dylan stayed in position 7 for the opening half of the race but was back in the top 5 by lap 10. Dylan crossed the line in position 5 but was moved up to position 4 in post-race penalties.

(pic – Pace Images)

Guest was able to put himself into position 2 at the start of the 4th heat and didn’t look back from there. Dylan was able to put in one of the best races of his career and come home in position 2 which put him out of position 9 for the combined final.

Guest got a brilliant start in the final, moving up 4 positions and into the top 5 on the opening lap. Dylan put in a brilliant drive and was battling on the edge of the top 5. Guest crossed the line in position 7 but was relegated to position 9 post race due to a drop-down penalty. 9th position was a brilliant result for Dylan and he showed he could mix it with the countries best.


Sebastian Guest, Dylan’s twin brother also took to the track in the KA2 Junior class for qualifying Friday afternoon. Sebastian missed a practice session due to an off at turn 1 and he was slightly behind the eight-ball going into qualifying. Sebastian was only a couple of tenths slower than his twin brother Dylan, but was down in position 20 overall in a tough field.

Starting out of position 10 for the opening split heat, Sebastian got a great start and was straight up to 8th spot. With excellent speed and nice overtaking, Guest crossed the line in position 6 for heat 1. Heat 2 didn’t quite go the way Sebastian wanted dropping down to position 12. Guest raced hard on the edge of the top 10 but could only come home in position 11 overall.

Heat 3 was the final heat for Saturday and Sebastian was back to his brilliant best on the start, moving up 4 positions on the opening lap. Guest moved into the top 5 and then into 4th and was on for a top 5 finish. An unfortunate drop-down penalty had Sebastian drop to 6th place.

(pic – Pace Images)

Sebastian had heartbreak in the 4th and final heat. Guest was running well and once again inside the top 5, before being run off circuit at the final corner.

Sebastian was starting out of position 19 in the final and drove like a true champion. Guest was able to move up positions as the race went on and was closing in on the top 10. Sebastian was able to cross the line in position 11 making 8 positions over the race. Guest was promoted up into the top 10 in position 7 overall with post-race penalties!

Dylan and Sebastian’s father spoke post weekend on their young boy’s weekend. “The Guesty Boys have achieved so much in a short space of time; they work on their own karts as well as do their own setups. To rock up to a track for the first time (as they have done for the 4 rounds they competed in) and where more than a majority of the field had competed here only 3 weeks prior (plus their ability to practice), set the kart up, learn the track in an extremely competitive field and produce top ten results as they did, says a lot for their commitment and eagerness to race at a top level”.

The Guesty Boys would like to thank all the organisers (especially for letting us sometimes park early and looking after us), officials and clubs for turning out a professional series with great facilities, friendly atmosphere and fantastic food. Their fellow competitors for some great racing. Teams such as Tom Williamson, Flatout karts, Daryl Henderson and Ray Cochrane for helping push when both boys were on grid and B-Sport/Discount Leasing Services their engines and some tips over the phone. Performance Kart Centre for straightening the karts out and their great and wonderful sponsors RB Respite, All About Hoses, Discount Leasing Services.