Ipswich City Dirt Karts

from Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

The sixth round of the Ipswich City Dirt Karts championship was run on Saturday and into Saturday night. It was another big day with 70 entries across the 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Championships.

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(pic – Kev Davies)

Overall Winners (videos are of the Feature races):

Junior One
1st Joesph Withers
2nd Robert Peterson
3rd Harrison Willis

Junior Two
1st Braxton Doyle
2nd Zane Chapman
3rd Zoya Lebar

1st Lewis Heggie
2nd Sebastian Woodrow
Tied 3rd Gordon Yarrow & Billy Wickman

Sub Juniors
1st Xavier Holz
2nd Jordan Holz
3rd Drake Hutton

Junior 100cc
1st Kallan Manning
2nd Hamilton Rae
3rd Kacey Odger

Junior Three
1st Amy Reid
2nd Ryan Pick
3rd Liam Ioannidis


Senior Group One
1st Cam Evans-White
2nd Lisa Audoss
3rd Jessie Westaway

Senior Group Two
1st Troy Hoswell
2nd Ashley Rasmussen
3rd Peter Steel

Senior Group Three
1st Cassidy Edyvean
2nd Dayle Formosa

Senior 100cc
1st Shane Manning
2nd Sarah Holz
3rd Stuart Rouse

Senior 125cc
1st Jason Pryde
2nd Brad Young
3rd Cam Williams

Senior Group Four
1st Travis Pick
2nd David Reid
3rd Jason Pryde

4-Stroke Modified
1st Tegan Gartside
2nd Blake Formosa

2-Stroke Modified
1st Brad Young
2nd Shane Crisp

Next Events are:


  • Wednesday the 31st of August – Test n Tune
  • Saturday the 3rd of September – Round 7 of the Championship
  • Saturday the 10th of September – Test n Tune