Illness Hinders Kocoski at AKC Final

Jett Kocoski, after a 2 week break, returned to the track over the weekend at the Newcastle Kart Club. Kocoski was competing in the 5th and final round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship.

This was Jett’s 2nd visit to Newcastle in 3 weeks, along with a trip to Melbourne in a very busy stint of the season. Kocoski was once again under the Rush Performance banner and looking to finish his KA2 season on a high.

Kocoski had a tough day on Friday due to sickness and went into qualifying hoping for a strong result. Jett unfortunately didn’t have the session he was after, with Carby problems and his engine misfiring. Kocoski was only able to set a time good enough for position 26 with now a lot of work ahead of the young driver.

(pic – Pace Images)

Jett was out of position 13 for his split heat and he knew he needed a crucial start for his opening heat race. The Rush Performance entry was able to get a terrific start moving up 4 places and into the top 10 drivers. Kocoski was in a battle for position 8 and 9 and was racing well inside the top 10 drivers. Jett was able to start his racing weekend by finishing in 9th position and inside the top 10 to start his racing.

Kocoski was out of position 13 again for his 2nd heat but was once again able to nail the start. The Haak Race Engines powered entry was able to move up 5 positions on the opening lap and further 2 on lap 2 having himself in 6th position. Jett was able to make his way into the top 5 by mid race showing excellent pace in a great fight back. Kocoski crossed the line in 5th position but was unfortunately relegated to positon 7 due to a drop down penalty.


Jett had an unfortunate turn of events in heat 3 where the young driver was out of the race on the opening lap after being hit off at turn 1.

Kocoski was now out of position 12 for the 4th and final heat and he knew he was going to have to move up the field to improve his final starting position. The Rush Performance entry in another lighting start by moving up 5 positions and into 7th position. Jett made his way into position 6 on lap 4 and then into the top 5 on lap 9 in another brilliant drive. Kocoski crossed the line in position 5 but was relegated to 7th spot after a drop down penalty.

Position 21 was the starting position for the all important final after Jett’s earlier DNF result. The Haak Race Engines powered entry was in position 22 at the end of the opening lap. Kocoski had a busy opening half of the race making up 6 positions and nipping on the back of the top 15. Jett continued to make up ground across the race and crossed the line in position 14 overall making up 7 spots across the final!

Jett’s father Bob spoke post weekend of the tough weekend for his son battling illness. “Jett was unwell all weekend but kept going, he drove really well and held his ground. Thanks to HAAK race engines for awesome engine and Rush Performance for all help advice and guidance”.

Kocoski will now move into the senior ranks in the back end of 2022 to start the next phase of his karting career.