Aiden Schweikert AKC Report

Aiden Schweikert made his first trip of the season to the Newcastle Kart Club over the weekend. Schweikert was taking on the final round of the SP Tools Australian Kart Championship on one of Karting Australia’s most difficult circuits. Aiden was once again back with Melbourne Kart Centre for the weekend competing against the best Cadet 12 drivers in the country!

Schweikert hit the track on Friday afternoon after completing practice for the all important qualifying session. The Link Airways entry was behind the eight ball of the field, having done limited running at the circuit but was giving it everything he had. Aiden put in his best lap times and he finished the session in position 39 overall. Schweikert was now looking to move forward across the heats.

(pic – Pace Images)

Aiden had eyes forward when driving out for the opening heat and was on a mission to move forward through the field. The G & L Motor Repairs and Performance sponsored entry had a blistering start, making up 7 spots on the opening lap and a further 4 on lap 2 to be deep inside the 30. Schweikert wasn’t stopping there, moving his way forward and putting himself inside the top 25 as the race went on. Aiden crossed the line in position 22 in heat 1 making up a remarkable 17 positions in just 12 laps!

Schweikert was looking to get another clean start and make his way forward in heat 2. The Haley Hire backed entry slotted into position 38 at the conclusion of lap 1 but was able to make up a couple of spots in the first half of the race. Aiden continued his progress across the back half of the race making his way inside the top 35 and gaining points. Schweikert was able to come home in position 33 overall.

Aiden had moved up 9 spots due to his opening heat results starting heat 3 out of position 30. The Jeremy Cross Physiotherapy sponsored entry moved up a spot on the opening lap and was chasing after the top 25. Schweikert made up spots in the opening half of the race before being shuffled back in the battle for positions. Aiden didn’t give up putting in a brilliant 2nd half of his race and coming home in position 25, 5 spots ahead of where he started.


Position 25 was the starting spot for heat 4 when an unfortunate lap 1 incident put young Aiden to the rear of the field. The Melbourne Kart Centre driver put his head down and started to make up time and positions from his lap 1 incident. Schweikert never gave up and was able to make up 6 positions in 11 laps to come home in position 33 overall.

Schweikert was out of position 28 for the all important final and he was focused on moving up through the field. The Link Airways backed entry got away cleanly and made his way into the top 25 in the early stages. Aiden was racing hard and he was racing well inside the top 25 drivers. Schweikert was able to cross the line in position 22 in the final, making up 17 spots across the weekend in a great recovery.

Aiden spoke post weekend on the toughness of the top level championship. “This season was very up and down. With some good moments but some unlucky moments too. I had fun with friends and had some great racing. But overall, it was a good season”.

Aiden’s father Justin spoke on the toughness of the 2022 championship. “We’ve both learnt so much through the season, mostly how much more we’ve so got to learn. I’ve enjoyed watching Aiden immensely and I’m so proud of how he’s handled himself during some difficult times. Congratulations to all the winners”.

Schweikert will finish the 2022 season in Victoria and will look to finish the season strong.