Queensland Superkart Club, Round 4

by Timothy Weier

The Queensland Superkart Club Inc. were lucky enough to be invited to be apart of the Australian Motor Racing Series (AMRS) at Queensland Raceway with the event including live streaming on Sunday.

Clear Blue skies greeted the 18 Competitors on a near perfect August day in QLD.  Qualifying saw Russell Jamieson #35 take pole in his DEA Powered Anderson Kart the Coach Design team have been hard at work in recent months on the dyno optimising their engine package and his time of a 1:09.9 is testament to that hard work. Ewen Burg #27 in his PVP powered PVP was second only completing 1 hot lap 1:15.0 before his gear linkage broke followed by #89 Tim Weier in his GAS GAS powered Anderson in the 250 National Class with a 1:17.4.

Russel Jamieson leads Brock Nicholas from Doug Amiss, Tim Philp, Dylan Mavin and Tim Weier (pic – Action Sports Photography Australia)

Doug Amiss in the TM powered Anderson took pole for the 125 National Class with a 1:18.5, followed by #23 Tim Philp and #86 Dylan Mavin who was having his first run in a Superkart and was grinning from ear to ear on how much fun these karts are to drive! Paul Buckley #12 took pole in the 125 Non-Gearbox Light Class debuting his new IWT Chassis from Ben Longland #77 who also debuted a new livery supporting Lymphoma Australia.  David Dyson took pole in the Non-Gearbox Heavy Class followed by Andrew Cain and Nick Marshall.  Drene Jamieson #26 took pole in the 85cc Gearbox class from his son Lindsey Jamieson #87.  Steve Murray and Glenn Wiggins would both suffer seizures in their 250 National karts ending their weekend prematurely.

Race 1

Russell Jamieson wasted no time disappearing at the front using the insane speed of his 250 International kart, Brock Nicholas was MIA after racing home to get his spare mufflers after losing 1 in qualifying.  Ewen Burg made a rookie error of not tightening the fuel cap before going out and subsequently had to come back in the pits to rectify the issue.   Tim Weier made a solid start to be behind Russell through turn 2 before he developed an engine miss fire down the back straight. This allowed the 125 karts of Doug Amiss, Tim Philp and Dylan Mavin through.  Doug Amiss would go on to finish second behind Russ setting a new PB of a 1:17.9.  Dylan Mavin came home 3rd on his Debut from Tim Weier. 

Nick Marshall and Andrew Cain were involved in a race long fight with only 0.4 separating them at the line, Nick managed to win this one, but Andrew wasn’t going to let him get away so easily next time. Ben Longland took the win in the Rotax Light Class after an early error resulting in a spin for Paul Buckley sent him to the back of the field which saw Paul set a new PB of a 1:26.6 charging back through the field. Drene Jamieson continued his strong qualifying form in the Laydown Gladiator chassis to outpace Lindsey in the 85cc Gearbox class.  Tim Philp, Ewen Burg and David Dyson would all suffer various issues resulting in DNF’s.

Nick Marshall leading Ben Longland about to be lapped by Brock Nicholas (pic – Action Sports Photography Australia)

Race 2

Another master class by Russell Jamieson making an early break before a safety car saw the field bunched back up to remove Ewen Burg’s kart on the outside of Turn 2 after a steering column failure, talk about scary! Once racing was back underway Brock Nicholas set about chasing after Russ but to no avail that DEA Anderson is a missile atm.  Brock would hang on for second with Doug Amiss again proving the best of the 125 National Brigade, but Tim Philp was nipping at his heels and pushed Doug all the way, Dylan mavin took another 2 seconds off his qualifying time improving with every lap until losing his brake pedal down into turn 6 which saw him end up deep in the gravel and a DNF for the race.   

18 Superkarts rolling out for Race 2 (pic – Action Sports Photography Australia)

David Dyson led home the Non-Gearbox crew from Andrew Cain and Nick Marshall with Ben Longland only 0.2 behind Nick after a drag race to the line! The Non-Gearbox class always puts on some spectacular racing.  Paul Buckley had an engine issue that saw him DNF after a strong start capitalising on the speed of that new chassis.  Lindsey turned the tables on his Dad Drene in the 85cc Class taking his first win of the weekend.  Kane Otway made a great start in his 250 National only to knock the carby off the engine at Turn3 on the opening lap resulting in a DNF.


Race 3

Becoming a recurring theme Russell raced off into the distance leaving the fight for second place between Brock, Doug, Tim Philp and Ewen.  Brock would lead them home followed by Doug, Tim and Ewen finishing his first race of the weekend despite an early spin seeing him charge back through the field.  Paul Buckley having sorted his engine gremlin put in a dominate display taking the Non-Gearbox Light class win from David Dyson in the Non-Gearbox heavy class.  David managed to make a 3 second gap on fellow heavy driver Andrew Cain by the time the chequered flag fell setting up an interesting points scenario for the final race.  Ben Longland came home 9th (2nd in the Non-Gearbox Light class) followed by Nick Marshall.  Lindsey took victory for the 85cc Gearbox class when Drene suffered an engine seize at Turn 1 resulting in him facing backwards into the gravel.

Andrew Cain (72) David Dyson (33) Ben Longland (77) and Nick Marhsall (15) (pic – Action Sports Photography Australia)

Race 4

With the Sun starting to set as the kart gridded up for race 4 everyone was looking forward to capping off the weekend with a good result.  Ewen Burg unfortunately was only firing on one cylinder, but he was quickly whisked up into the commentary box to help give an insight into the Sport of Superkarting.  The race had barely got underway before a Safety car was called with Drene once again stuck in the gravel at Turn 1 having spun not sure if this was related to his race 3 issues or not. 

Brock Nicholas had held tough around the outside into Turn 1 off the start from a hard charging Tim Weier on the second row before once again he fell down the order as the engine gremlin set in down the back straight.  Russell Jamieson was slow to accelerate away from the line dropping him down the order. Once Drene was extracted from the gravel trap racing resumed and Brock made the most of his opportunity and started to gap the field while Russel worked his way back through.  Russel eventually made his way back to the front and claimed his 4th win for the weekend with Brock home in second. 

Paul Buckley ahead of David Dyson, Lindsey Jamieson (87) and Drene Jamieson (pic – Action Sports Photography Australia)

Doug Amiss came home third overall once again being the class of the 125 field with both Tim and Dylan suffering DNF’s.  This allowed David Dyson to bring his Rotax kart home in 4th place overall.  Andrew Cain took home 5th in his Rotax heavy kart followed by Nick Marshall, Tim Weier, Ben Longland, Craig Hillier and Lindsey Jamieson in 11th

It was great being part of the AMRS series and the club hopes to be invited back next year and put on an even better show!

If you’d like to get involved with the club check out our website or send us an email to qldsuperkart01@gmail.com

Big thanks to Action Sports Photography for the capturing all the action.