Reader Poll Results

KartSportNews ran a couple of reader polls the past few weeks. Here are the results:


A quick general interest poll ran from July 21 to July 27 asking whether readers have had covid. At that the time the poll closed, the results were almost a fifty-fifty split of Yes versus No. Ten percent of respondents have had their karting affected by being covid positive.


Next was whether the CIK-FIA’s new OK-N ‘national’ category should be introduced in Australia. Readers responded with a pretty strong No vote. Over 10% were Unsure whether it should be introduced or not.


What we don’t know from this poll is what level of karting the respondent was currently involved in. Would it be reasonable to assume a person racing at National/AKC level might vote differently to a person who competes in club or regional racing?

Some of the reader-entered ‘Other’ responses included:

  • Only if another class was removed
  • Yes but not (at) a very light weight
  • Sure lets have another class
  • No. KA has already done a wonderful job destroying karting in Australia already
  • Yes, it should replace KA2 and TAG 125
  • Not in the current landscape, it would need to replace all current classes